The Most Profitable Niches…


Often I’m asked “which are the most profitable niches?”

First of all the most profitable niche for YOU will be one where you get hired and they pay you! Choosing a niche that’s likely to work for you is one area where coaching can help.

Let’s start with the basics.When you’re starting out it’s important just to talk to a lot of business owners and learn that basic skill (asking questions and listening).

And to get a couple of paying clients so you have some experience in that process too.

The theory can be quite a lot different to what happens in practice and what will happen with YOU is likely to be different to other people because you have your own unique set of skills, your own unique personality and the people you’ll be talking to will be different too.

So if you’re starting out talk to some business owners, learn to ask questions and listen and get some experience working for a few paying clients.

Then you can start thinking about
targeting a niche with your services…

What niches are likely to be more profitable?

There are a few different factors. First understand that your own background can play a part (although it isn’t crucial).

If you’ve worked in an industry you may understand it better and speak the jargon of that industry better.

Many people with their background are sitting on a niche that is potential gold mine and they just don’t see it (that’s where getting objective advice from an experienced marketer can be helpful).

Think of transaction size
and profit per transaction…

Businesses making sales in the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars and taking a huge profit off each sale can be very profitable clients for you.

They have money and just ONE new client is worth an enormous amount to them.

In other words find them just one new client and they may be happy paying you very well for a year of your time.

I talk in detail about unusual businesses you might consider in the Offline Gold Army product.

One of my favorites is custom engineering (although it might be called something different where you live.)

Basically a business that custom makes truck trays, frames to hold heavy equipment etc etc.

One job is usually in the ten thousand dollar plus range and some jobs involve multiple vehicles and can run into the hundred thousand dollar plus range.

Often you can talk directly to the owner and here’s the best part…

Almost NO ONE is trying to sell anything to him.

Most don’t even know his business exists.

When you try to target a niche like dentists or plastic surgeons you have a pile of people trying to sell to them every day, you have to get through receptionists and find a time when they’re free (they can’t just drop a patient to talk on the phone with you).

All in all these prospects are hard work.

But walk into a truly industrial area
with small to medium sized businesses…

with skilled workers and machinery…

It’s likely you’re the first marketer they’ve ever seen!

Some will be blunt and coarse (don’t let that bother you…those guys often spend the most money with you if you just get past their initial caution).

Many will be really friendly and very eager to hear any ideas you have to bring them in business.

I like the businesses that are buzzing with activity in industrial areas with someone in charge who is as motivated as hell and as sharp as a tack.

Those guys will jump on any good idea and if they believe you’ll execute it they’ll pay you on the spot to get started.

That’s something to get you thinking when you’re thinking about a niche to specialize in.

Click on this link for Profitable Niches part two.

Setting Up Joint Ventures

Setting up joint ventures for your clients can be highly lucrative both for them and for you. Let me explain why but first let’s talk about what I mean by a joint venture…

One of the fastest ways for a business to make rapid sales and profits is to get another business to promote their product and service to their customers.

This can lead to a huge influx of new customers and if the joint venture partner promoting them is chosen well they’ll be high quality customers too.

JointVentureThe business doing the promoting either gets a percentage of the sales created (like a commission) or gets their business promoted in return (a type of referral exchange).

This can be as simple as setting up an online sales page of some kind for the business then creating an email for the business doing the promoting…both services you can provide and charge for.

In fact you can charge for everything including finding and suggesting businesses to do joint ventures with (even if it involves going through the business owner’s address book to see who he already knows who might be open to it).

If you’re using the Offline Gold Army system then you can feature this service in your newsletter and offer it to every business who joins.

Now you might pick up the obvious stumbling block here.

Many businesses don’t keep email lists of their customers. That’s not as big a problem as you might think…in fact it’s a potential opportunity for you as a consultant.

First you can always send a snail mail promotion because businesses that are selling higher ticket items or services keep mailing addresses.

Second you can offer to help these businesses set up an email list…

This is where helping businesses set up joint ventures gets interesting…it’s a great way for you to pick up new clients for yourself because you’re positioning yourself perfectly as a marketing expert with some really cool, fast, minimal cost profit making strategies.

Every time you help to set up a joint venture for one of your clients you’re also introducing yourself to a potential high paying client for yourself.

So you get a win in multiple ways.

Google Rewarding Mobile Friendly Sites

Mobile traffic is vitally important. Around 60% of Google searches come from mobile devices (that includes searches people make in a home that also has a desktop or laptop computer).

In just a few weeks on April 21st Google’s new search engine algorithm will start rewarding sites that are mobile friendly with better rankings…and sites that aren’t mobile friendly will suffer.

This is a great opportunity to pick up new clients or to charge for add on services for existing clients getting their sites mobile friendly.

Here are some simple things you can do for your clients
to get them mobile friendly:

If they’re using a WordPress theme that isn’t optimized for mobile then update it or switch to one that is.

With many WordPress themes just updating to the latest version may be enough to get the site mobile friendly.

The best mobile friendly choice is a “mobile responsive” site or theme. This is where your site resizes to fit within the parameters of the mobile device being used.

Use Google’s mobile friendly test to see if the sites you’re working on meet Google’s mobile friendly criteria…

Doing this is vitally important. It’s not enough for a site to be mobile friendly. You want Google to see your site as mobile friendly based on the criteria they use.

Dan Kennedy’s Business Breakthroughs

Did you ever see the Subway commercial with Jared?

He lost 240 pounds in a year eating Subway and walking to the Subway store…

subwayJaredAdWhat’s interesting about that
amazingly successful Subway ad is that it is an
excellent example of reframing a business.

Subway is a fast food business but with the Jared ad they reframed their business as a weight loss business.

They used the marketing strategies of the weight loss industry…the before and after photo, the diet plan, the story of a successful dieter.

Marketing For Industrial Companies

I’ve already said in previous posts that your most lucrative source of premium paying clients can be businesses in the manufacturing or industrial sectors.

These businesses deal with HUGE transactions. One client for them can mean tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in turnover.

But how do you help to market a business like this?

You’re not likely to get a whole lot of help looking in the Google keyword tool for keyword phrases that prospects are searching for.

So what do you do to find and convert clients?

Here are 4 tips to get you started:

1. Find out how they’re getting their clients now.

What is the process they go through? Who is making the decision to buy?

What information did they need before they made that decision?

Also who are their best prospects?

2. As has already been mentioned having a site filled with information that helps give the information decision makers need to make a purchase.

And think offline as well.

If you have white papers, reports, videos etc they can all be converted into pieces that can be used offline (printed reports, printed articles, DVDs or video on a USB stick).

Basically you’re giving the sales people in the company a resource of tools they can use to make their job a whole lot easier and more effective.

3. Once you know who their best prospects are you can target them…

Direct mail is great for this.

You can find a list of 50-100 of their best prospects and start mailing them useful information, sales letters etc etc and keep doing that until they buy.

Check out sites with compiled industry specific lists like to see the amazing range of lists that are available to you.

This kind of very low cost contact by direct mail (maybe $100 a month) can be really effective over the long term at positioning a business in the industry with their best prospects.

4. What do their best prospects in the industry need or use?

Can you create an industry site, a forum, some kind of online resource that’s valuable to the best prospects of the business.

If you can get your best prospects going to one place online you can market to them in subtle and not so subtle ways.

The irony is that many marketers have real problems when they have to market to a tiny number of people.

It’s actually EASIER the smaller the group becomes as long as you take the time to work out who they are and what’s important to them.

Very specific people have very specific desires and needs.

You just need to tap into that and give them what they want.


Why Persistence Conquers Luck

There’s a lot more randomness in our lives than we’d care to admit…or even realize.

Every time you get in contact with a prospect in some way there’s a huge random element in play.

Has your prospect had a bad day making them less receptive to ANY approach?

If you’re using direct mail who is picking up the mail and sorting it on the day?

Then there’s just simple probability. Only a percentage of the business owners you approach will be interested in what you have to offer.

As an example let’s say that whatever initial prospecting method you’re using gets 20% of the business owners you contact putting up their hand in some way to say they’re interested.

And let’s say that 50% of the interested business owners you talk to face to face end up hiring you.

That means in this example ON AVERAGE one in 10 prospects
you put through your marketing process become paying clients…

First of all understand every person is different and with smaller numbers probability can be really inaccurate.

But even with your 1 in 10 probability of getting a client putting them through your marketing process you are going to experience large runs of prospects who DON’T hire you.

Runs of 30, 40 even 50 or 60 prospects who don’t hire you will be normal.

You might talk face to face with half a dozen…even a dozen prospects in a row who seem to be interested but DON’T hire you for a variety of reasons.

There are 2 major things going on here…

# 1: Just simple luck. Some people are going to hire you…some aren’t. That’s probability.

The way you overcome luck is with persistence.

In fact in most fields the reality is if you’re the person who persists long and hard enough, doing the things it takes to succeed then with enough time you’ll become a leader in that field.

Persisting with the kind of action that can produce positive results will usually result in success…even if you’re incredibly unlucky.

If you want to succeed you need to commit in advance to sticking with it until you reach the goals you want to achieve.

But that’s only part of the picture.

The next element I’m about to reveal is what makes or breaks most people…

# 2: Doing what it actually takes to succeed…

As opposed to doing what you THINK it takes or what you’re comfortable doing.

This is probably the most important principle of all.

Many people think if they just keep doing what they’re doing over and over then they’ll get hired and end up with all the clients they need.

Unfortunately that doesn’t always work. Why?

At every step in the process there are things you can do that can swing the odds in your favor…increasing your chances of getting hired.

And continuing with strategies that have a low probability of success for you will leave you working hard, spinning your wheels and getting poor results or worse still, no results at all.

Even if you’re already successful
making some quite subtle changes in what you’re doing can
massively increase the results you’re getting…

I know that the email coaching students I have who are getting the biggest results are those who have already had paying clients…many already have good incomes.

It’s hard to steer a car that’s not moving but when you’re already taking action and getting some kind of feedback it’s much easier to guide you down a road that brings you more profits faster.

You might be able to convert a much higher percentage of cold prospects into paying clients and you may be able to charge a whole lot more just by tweaking what you’re already doing.

One common problem with the element of randomness in converting prospects into paying clients is that…

You can misread what it took for you
to get a paying client…

You think it’s one thing you did whereas it might be something completely different.

You don’t want to over think this…ultimately just getting in the game getting in contact with business owners is going to get you hired.

But if you’re serious about building a highly profitable business and avoiding banging your head against a brick wall then you should seriously consider improving on everything you’re doing to get the best return you can on your efforts.

This is where getting coaching from someone who has helped thousands of other marketers and really understands the process and your struggles can help.


Also just being HONEST with yourself…

Look at each part of your marketing process and start asking yourself some serious questions:

# If I was a business owner would I read this letter? Would I be interested in hearing more? Why? What would be in it for me?

# If I was a business owner face to face with someone and he suggested this strategy would I be excited about it? Why? What would be so exciting about it to me?

# If I was a business owner and I was asked to pay this amount of money in this way would I be comfortable paying it? Why? What’s the value in this for me and my business?

And then there’s the really pressing question:

# Am I REALLY doing what it takes to get paying clients or am I just doing what’s comfortable for me? How can I improve on what I’m doing? How can I improve on who I am as a person?

It can be hard to be this self critical. We all have blind spots about our own weaknesses.

The advantage of coaching is that you get someone who is objective who can guide you in the direction that is likely to get you the fastest positive results.

But ANY positive changes you make are likely to be worthwhile.

And just starting down that track is like a rock rolling down a loose hillside…very quickly it can build to be an avalanche where you and your business income grow incredibly quickly.


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Selling Leads To Businesses

This is a question that gets asked quite often.

Can I make money selling leads to businesses and which businesses are the most likely to buy leads?

First be aware that regardless of the service you sell there’s going to be some work in turning a prospect into a paying client.

The more you’re willing to put in that work and effort at building a real relationship the more money you’re likely to make in the short, medium AND long term.

Regardless of the service you provide your business will rise or fall based on your ability to build relationships with prospects, clients and referral sources…

Which businesses are the most likely to buy leads?
Generally speaking look for businesses with large transaction sizes.

The leads are worth more and if they’re industrial businesses they’re often not too difficult to generate.

One way to find businesses is to go to the industrial area of your town and just take a walk.

When you find a business that’s buzzing with activity find out who they are and what they do.

You’ll find there are many business types in industrial areas that you’ve never even heard of.

And many are making some real money with clients paying them…

Tens of thousands…even hundreds of thousands of dollars
for just one contract…

Also businesses like these are rarely approached by any kind of marketer so you’ll often be the first really skilled internet marketer they talk to.

No competition, high profits, big transaction sizes = good clients for you.

And when you find a niche that’s working for you, you can expand across the country…even across the world.

But if you want to get paid seriously consider this…

Selling leads is great but it can be hard to get paid by ANYONE who hasn’t paid you a substantial sum of money before.

I’d strongly recommend that you charge an upfront fee to help them set upsome kind of system to help convert their leads or you charge them a substantial upfront fee to begin generating leads for them.

So many people seem to think they should give a business a risk free proposal to get them on board as clients.

That’s such B.S. because it means your new “risk free” client has nothing at risk…he has no motivation to help you get leads, to handle the leads well or to get them to convert.

When you charge a client a substantial upfront fee it’s amazing how much harder they work to ensure their investment gets a return.

And that brings us full circle to the first point I made…

Regardless of the service you provide your business will rise or fall based on your ability to build relationships with prospects, clients and referral sources…

To get a client to pay you for those leads and put in the effort to convert them effectively you’re probably going to have to charge them some kind of substantial upfront fee so they’re committed to really working with you.

And to get them to pay a substantial upfront fee you’re going to have to build some rapport and trust…you’re going to have to build a relationship with your prospect.

When you embrace that this business gets a whole lot easier.

There are multiple ways you can open and build a relationship with a business owner. Ideally you get face to face in a situation where you’re asking questions and listening and they’re talking a lot.

But you can also automate parts of the process and set up systems that help to build you up as a genuine expert.

There are several methods you can use in the report 25 Different ways To Get Paying Clients and one system in the Offline Gold Army that you might consider.

Ultimately it’s not that complicated. You build a relationship…you get a paying client or a source of referrals.

This business doesn’t have to be complex.

Writing Copy To Sell Your Services

If you don’t have prospects who are eager to hire you contacting you then there’s one skill you need to develop or outsource…copywriting.

The reality is most of your best, highest paying prospects are going to take multiple contacts before they hire you.
You might make those contacts in person but things are going to go a whole lot smoother and you’re going to come across as a real expert if you have a series of different reports, articles and other pieces that help move your prospects forward step by step.

Even if you’re the greatest sales person on earth a great report or sales letter can largely make your sales presentation for you.

That Way You Can Have Your Best Prospects
Contacting You Ready To Get Started…

And the best part of using reports, articles and sales letters to educate your prospects is you can educate them on how to work with you.

In other words you can educate your prospects on how to be perfect clients for you!

How do you set up a system to pre-educate prospects and get them to the point where they’re desperate to hire you?

When I work with clients setting up these systems the first question I ask is:

“What is the ultimate outcome you want your client
to get from working with you?”

That’s a really weighty question and one you really need to think about.

Then comes the next question:

“From where your prospect is right NOW what is the FIRST step they need to take to move them towards that ultimate outcome?”

It’s often something really simple and that’s the whole point really. You need to break this down into simple steps you can manage.

You need to have your focus entirely on your prospect and what’s going through THEIR head….what’s important to THEM.

And just nudging them forward that first, simple step.

Remember business owners are busy…so you might just get attention with that first step and give them one tiny nugget that starts opening up the door just a little for you.

And from there the question is simple and obvious:

What is the next step towards
that ultimate outcome?

You can go step by step thinking through how far you can get your prospect to move each time.

With a report or sales letter you might move your prospect forward half a dozen steps.

When you’re writing that piece you think through where your prospect is at and you move them forward strategically in the report or sales letter.

That kind of copywriting is a complex skill…every part of the copy has to work together…the headline, the opening line, the content…all carefully crafted to appeal to their emotions where they’re at now and move them to the place they need to be.

A lead generating report or a sales letter both work in very similar ways in this regard. They even have very similar elements.

Then you can think through whether you want to talk to your prospect in person.

Seeing a prospect in person can take a lot of time on your part but it also helps you move them forward huge leaps at one time.

With a short article it might just be one or two steps.

But with every piece you’re getting them closer and closer
to the point where they hire you…

When you grasp the concept and you embrace it you’ll stop being so worried about “closing” a sale today and you’ll think more about moving your prospects strategically to the point where they’ll excitedly pay your premium fees and be prepared to work with you in the way you need them to work with you to get great results.

One of the greats at getting high paying clients using multiple pieces is copywriting and direct marketing expert Dan Kennedy.

He has books, reports, sales letters, videos, information products…the list goes on and on.

When someone hires Dan Kennedy they’re paying in the region of $25,000 a day for his advice. He knows what he’s doing.

Here’s an old nugget that’s just as successful today with a little adapting to sell your services and to help sell your client’s products and services…his magnetic marketing system.

This is a powerful multi step system that moves your prospect from where they are now to the point where they’re calling you or knocking on your door desperate to hire you.

Magnetic Marketing Gift

Magnetic Marketing audio 1 (MP3)

Magnetic Marketing audio 2 (MP3)

If you’ve never been exposed to this type of marketing it will be a huge eye opener for you. If you’re familiar with Dan Kennedy and his material then you know how valuable these audio files really are.


One Final Point

As a professional copywriter I have listened to and applied dozens, possibly hundreds of different courses on copywriting and marketing.

I’ve worked with some of the world’s most successful marketers.

That’s just a part of being successful in the profession.

Yes you can write your own copy but be aware that when you work with a professional you usually make more just on the advice you get on improving your marketing system.

Much of the time when you hire a copywriter who really understands marketing the writing of the copy effectively works out to be free because of the profits you make from the advice you get.

And be aware that writing the kind of great copy your marketing business deserves takes a lot of commitment and experience.

Yes you can do it but your time may be better invested elsewhere since you already have an internet marketing business.


Following Up By Email

After you’ve made your first contact with a prospect how do you follow up?

First, understand that following up with good prospects and clients is crucial if you want to have a business with a steady income.

You might think that your brilliantly designed direct mail piece should convert every prospect into a paying client.

Or you might think that the business owner you met at a business networking event will be calling you some time soon…after all he obviously liked you and he has your business card.

Or that well crafted, personalized email you sent…he couldn’t possibly ignore that.

Let Me Introduce You To The World
Your Prospect Lives In…

He has dozens of different things going on at once. He is, after all running a business.

He’s dealing with customers and employees. He has deliveries, bills, sales people, vendors and delivery drivers calling on him.

At the end of each week he has to pay out salaries…at the end of each month rent and a whole pile of other expenses.

Sure he might have met you or read your email or your letter. He might even be really interested in what you have to say.

But in most cases he’s so busy you’re
not even on his radar yet!

He’s moved on and even if he was interested in what you might be able to do for him he’s expecting that you’ll follow up with him (every other sales person and supplier he’s bought from followed up so why should you be any different?)

That’s why it’s absolutely critical that you think through your follow up process.

If you have an email address that you know is good you can follow up by email and you can do it very effectively.

The real secret is heavy personalization, appealing to your prospects wants and needs and positioning yourself as an expert (or as the connection to an expert).

I cover the kinds of follow ups you can do in detail in the report 25 Different Ways To Get Paying Clients with quite a few examples.

You can use online video, you can use an email, you can use screen shots of your prospect’s website or copies of his advertising or almost anything else that will get his attention.

See page 70 of the report 25 Different Ways to Get Paying Clients for ideas. Also some clever marketers have worked out you can adapt the series outlined in pages 50 to 55 very easily to email and that sequence can be VERY effective.

If you’re going out of your way to offer really useful information that’s customized to your prospect and his business and you make multiple contacts that way you’re going to dramatically increase the number of prospects who contact you.

You’ll also massively increase their perception of you as an expert
and potentially increase the fees you can charge…

Also think of using other media as well as email. Snail mail, phone calls, and in person calls are all amazingly powerful…especially if your plan is to share valuable information with those contacts.

If the first words out of your mouth are something like: “I was thinking about you and your business and I had an idea that might be valuable to you…” or “I read this article today on [topic] and I had to share it with you” or “I just finished a new report on [topic] and my first thought was ‘this would be great for [prospect’s name] and his business.'”

If you’re targeting a particular niche with your services then having an effective follow up system is crucially important because it’s a large part of positioning yourself as the go to marketing expert in that niche.

Effective follow up tools like lead generating reports and direct mail pieces is something we do when I work with you in the exclusive, customized niche yourself service I offer.

Take the time to think through who your prospects are, what’s important to them and what information you can share with them that is truly useful to them and you can design your own follow up system.

Then you just have to use it consistently.

Profitable Niches Part Three…

In the first article on The Most Profitable Niches we talked about transaction size, profit per transaction and looking at niches most marketers ignore.

In the second Profitable Niches article we talked about why you might target a niche and some strategies for getting new clients.

In this article I’ll reveal some of the services you might sell to your clients in a niche.

First the golden rule applies. If you already have a service you can provide yourself that you’re good at or a service you know you can outsource easily that’s a great place to start.

Beyond that selling services to clients in a single niche can get really exciting because once you come up with a service that works for one client you’ve already done most of the work required.

You can sell that same service with only tiny adjustments
to all your other clients…

And chances are they’ll be making good profits with each new service you provide because you’ve already gone through the process of testing what works and tweaking with someone else in the same industry.

And as you start rolling out a service to multiple clients you’re going to get a wealth of feedback on how to improve what you’re offering and how to get even better results for your clients.

So servicing a specific niche makes it easier for you to deliver more profits to your clients.

And more profits for your clients means your service is worth more to them. And when your service is worth more you can charge more!

Better still, because the work you do for each client is largely the same (with a few tweaks changing business names and city names) it’s very easy to do the work yourself or outsource it.

What Services Can You Sell…?

When you’re first thinking about what services you might sell to your clients (or potential clients) in a specific niche it’s worth going back to the ebook Online Gold For The Offline Business.

Read through the whole book thinking “can I apply THIS strategy to my clients in this niche? Is this a service I can sell? Is this a service I can outsource?”

Also think of your overall strategy.

Are you looking to make a large ongoing income or do you just want to work with each client for a high paying project then cut your ties?

Generally speaking it’s better to think of long term ongoing income and that means focusing on charging ongoing fees.

Charging Ongoing Fees Gives You Income Stability…

If you have 10 clients paying you $1,000 a month you start out each month knowing you have an income.

That gives you breathing room. There’s not so much pressure on you to get new clients and you can focus a lot of attention on really making serious profits for the clients you have.

Also, while it might be difficult to get some clients to pay you $12,000 for a project it’s often not so difficult to get them to pay you $1,000 a month.

Over the course of a year $1,000 a month is $12,000. Those monthly fees add up.

So it helps if you offer services the require ongoing work…preferably work you can perform easily yourself or that you can outsource easily.

Here’s A Short List Of Services Along Those Lines…

Email marketing
Blog posts
Facebook management (including regular facebook posts)
Linkedin promotion and management
Reputation management
Google Places promotion, optimization and management
Marketing with online video (adding videos to sites like youtube and other optimization)
Marketing on ebay
Marketing on Amazon FBA
Article marketing and other content marketing
Marketing with press releases (online and/or offline)
And much much more.

Also, if you have the skill (or you know someone who does) you can offer services that are delivered primarily offline like sales training for staff, in business marketing or merchandising, marketing consulting, marketing with direct mail, marketing with telemarketers etc etc.

And remember this…

You Don’t Have To Deliver A Service Yourself To Offer It To Your Clients…

You can capitalize on contacts you make and do joint ventures with excellent service providers delivering services you never will…

And take a percentage of all the business you send their way.

This is an amazing way to leverage the trust you’ve built with your clients and it can be VERY profitable. How profitable…?

I know of some marketers where referring businesses to other service providers and taking a commission has become their primary income!

I know of one who has made a high six figure income with just this strategy.

What To Do Now…?

Choosing a niche, deciding on services to market to that niche, creating a marketing campaign to get clients in that niche can bring up a bewildering array of options and it can help if you get some basic advice to help you simplify things down to something you can get a handle on.

If you’re deadly serious about making a high six figure income by targeting a niche then you should consider my service to help you do that (which includes writing lead generating reports and sales letters to bring clients to you).

But like most things what’s really important is that you take some kind of action.

At a minimum you can simply talk to a prospect or a client you have in the niche you’re considering.

You don’t even have to be clever about it…just straight up and honest.

“I specialize in helping businesses make more sales and profits using the internet and I’m seriously considering specializing in helping xxxx businesses across the country. I’m wondering if I could ask you a few questions. In return I might be able to give you some useful suggestions for your marketing.”

Anything that gets the ball rolling for you is worth doing.

Profitable Niches Part Two…

In the first article on The Most Profitable Niches we talked about transaction size, profit per transaction and looking at niches most marketers ignore.

Now let’s talk about why you might consider targeting a specific niche and how you might go about it.

First consider the power of targeting a niche.

Being seen as the marketing expert for boat sales yards, or commercial painters or commercial real estate agents (or any niche) gets the immediate attention of your prospects.

It’s simple human nature…

If you’re talking the owner of a used car yard and you tell him you specialize in helping used car yards market themselves more effectively so they can sell more cars at higher prices you’ve immediately positioned yourself as someone who can specifically help THEM and THEIR business.

The statement “that marketing stuff doesn’t work in my industry” is meaningless because obviously it does…you specialize in it.

And when you have a service niched to a specific industry you can often charge more for the same reason…the service is already perceived as being customized to THEIR business and their industry.

But here’s the best part…

Once you’ve created a strategy that works in a particular niche you can sell it to other businesses in the same niche (but other parts of the country or the world).

You can do most of the work once and license it over and over to other businesses with some tweaks and customization.

That means more money for you and because a lot of the work becomes highly repetitive it becomes much easier to outsource.

And it’s also good news for your clients in that niche because you’ll get very savvy at marketing for that industry.

You’ll know what’s happening in the niche, what’s working now, what’s stopped working and by implementing strategies for multiple clients you’ll come up with innovations that you never would have discovered working with just one client in an industry.

Some of your best ideas will actually come from your clients.

You’ll take those, tweak them, expand on them and turn them into something powerful so ALL your clients benefit.

Marketing To A Specific Niche Also Becomes Easier…

I’ll be honest with you. When you first start marketing to a niche it can be hard work. You need to work out what marketing methods work to bring you in paying clients.

You’ll want to create marketing pieces that work and if you can’t write sales copy these might be quite an investment.

To give you an idea I’ve charged $20,000+ to write the different pieces of copy for a niched service and the copy and advice that went with it was well worth the fee.

For marketers already making a serious income I currently charge $6,000 plus $1,000 a month for 6 months for this service where I help you niche yourself.

Good sales copy that sells is not cheap.

That’s another reason it’s a great idea to get some ongoing advice from someone who can help you avoid land mines and create marketing strategies for getting paying clients that have an excellent chance of success.

The good news is once you have a system for getting clients that is profitable you can roll it out on a larger and larger scale.

Combined with intelligently designed service packages and outsourcing of a lot of the physical work and you can create a business with a VERY substantial income.

It’s this approach that can lead to high six figure incomes and even seven figure incomes.

Here Are Some Strategies To Get You Thinking…

When you’re targeting a niche you want to think through these basic questions…”How do I get my prospect from where he is now to the point where he’ll hire me and pay me month after month for my services?”

“With his mindset, experience and knowledge what is the first step in the process of getting him excited about hiring me and working with me?”

My favorite two strategies would be a series of letters talking about the benefits of working with you…one benefit at a time and a lead generating report educating your prospect on the benefits of working with you.

The series of letters would need to be geared to get attention and early in the series they need to be about that business owner, his business, his advertising…focusing specifically on him.

I explain how to do this in the report 25 Different Ways To Get Paying Clients. Specifically from pages 50 to 66.

When you’re targeting a niche other marketers have ignored and you use multiple contacts, well thought through to appeal to your prospects the response rate can be astonishingly high.

And Here’s Another Powerful Strategy…

Many industries have trade associations. They often have newsletters.

You can write articles for the newsletter of the niche you’re targeting or you can pay to advertise in their newsletter.

If no other marketers are actively working in your niche you may be PAID to speak when their associations meets in person.

Imagine being PAID to get in front of your best prospects and speak to them about marketing their businesses more effectively.

With even the simplest call to action in your talk you’re going to pick up some serious paying clients.

It all starts with choosing a niche and thinking through how to market to that niche effectively.

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