Profitable Niches Part Three…

In the first article on The Most Profitable Niches we talked about transaction size, profit per transaction and looking at niches most marketers ignore.

In the second Profitable Niches article we talked about why you might target a niche and some strategies for getting new clients.

In this article I’ll reveal some of the services you might sell to your clients in a niche.

First the golden rule applies. If you already have a service you can provide yourself that you’re good at or a service you know you can outsource easily that’s a great place to start.

Beyond that selling services to clients in a single niche can get really exciting because once you come up with a service that works for one client you’ve already done most of the work required.

You can sell that same service with only tiny adjustments
to all your other clients…

And chances are they’ll be making good profits with each new service you provide because you’ve already gone through the process of testing what works and tweaking with someone else in the same industry.

And as you start rolling out a service to multiple clients you’re going to get a wealth of feedback on how to improve what you’re offering and how to get even better results for your clients.

So servicing a specific niche makes it easier for you to deliver more profits to your clients.

And more profits for your clients means your service is worth more to them. And when your service is worth more you can charge more!

Better still, because the work you do for each client is largely the same (with a few tweaks changing business names and city names) it’s very easy to do the work yourself or outsource it.

What Services Can You Sell…?

When you’re first thinking about what services you might sell to your clients (or potential clients) in a specific niche it’s worth going back to the ebook Online Gold For The Offline Business.

Read through the whole book thinking “can I apply THIS strategy to my clients in this niche? Is this a service I can sell? Is this a service I can outsource?”

Also think of your overall strategy.

Are you looking to make a large ongoing income or do you just want to work with each client for a high paying project then cut your ties?

Generally speaking it’s better to think of long term ongoing income and that means focusing on charging ongoing fees.

Charging Ongoing Fees Gives You Income Stability…

If you have 10 clients paying you $1,000 a month you start out each month knowing you have an income.

That gives you breathing room. There’s not so much pressure on you to get new clients and you can focus a lot of attention on really making serious profits for the clients you have.

Also, while it might be difficult to get some clients to pay you $12,000 for a project it’s often not so difficult to get them to pay you $1,000 a month.

Over the course of a year $1,000 a month is $12,000. Those monthly fees add up.

So it helps if you offer services the require ongoing work…preferably work you can perform easily yourself or that you can outsource easily.

Here’s A Short List Of Services Along Those Lines…

Email marketing
Blog posts
Facebook management (including regular facebook posts)
Linkedin promotion and management
Reputation management
Google Places promotion, optimization and management
Marketing with online video (adding videos to sites like youtube and other optimization)
Marketing on ebay
Marketing on Amazon FBA
Article marketing and other content marketing
Marketing with press releases (online and/or offline)
And much much more.

Also, if you have the skill (or you know someone who does) you can offer services that are delivered primarily offline like sales training for staff, in business marketing or merchandising, marketing consulting, marketing with direct mail, marketing with telemarketers etc etc.

And remember this…

You Don’t Have To Deliver A Service Yourself To Offer It To Your Clients…

You can capitalize on contacts you make and do joint ventures with excellent service providers delivering services you never will…

And take a percentage of all the business you send their way.

This is an amazing way to leverage the trust you’ve built with your clients and it can be VERY profitable. How profitable…?

I know of some marketers where referring businesses to other service providers and taking a commission has become their primary income!

I know of one who has made a high six figure income with just this strategy.

What To Do Now…?

Choosing a niche, deciding on services to market to that niche, creating a marketing campaign to get clients in that niche can bring up a bewildering array of options and it can help if you get some basic advice to help you simplify things down to something you can get a handle on.

If you’re deadly serious about making a high six figure income by targeting a niche then you should consider my service to help you do that (which includes writing lead generating reports and sales letters to bring clients to you).

But like most things what’s really important is that you take some kind of action.

At a minimum you can simply talk to a prospect or a client you have in the niche you’re considering.

You don’t even have to be clever about it…just straight up and honest.

“I specialize in helping businesses make more sales and profits using the internet and I’m seriously considering specializing in helping xxxx businesses across the country. I’m wondering if I could ask you a few questions. In return I might be able to give you some useful suggestions for your marketing.”

Anything that gets the ball rolling for you is worth doing.