Offline Sales Funnels

When you’re marketing information products the leading marketers use what’s called a “sales funnel”.

Put simply you have a series of information products and services, usually at increasingly higher price and a range of prices.

You might have a free report, video or audio that generates leads for your…
$47 ebook or audio that generates leads for your…
$97 to $197 audio program with workbook which generates leads for your…
$497 to $997 full program with consultation which generates leads for your…
$1,497 to $2,497 seminar or workshop which generates leads for your…
$2,997 to $5,997+ mentoring program.

How does this apply when you’re selling services to brick and mortar businesses?

In most cases you don’t need so many price points.

You can go from a free report or audio that you use as a lead generating tool and as part of a referral system.

And from there you might directly sell your premium service.

But there are other options you could consider.

You might have three different service “packages” basic, deluxe and premium…at different price points.

You might also sell altogether different service packages as part of your sales funnel.

You don’t necessarily have to deliver those packages yourself either…you can do joint ventures with marketers who provide other services and take a percentage of fees (50% of the initial fee and 10% to 35% of ongoing fees is pretty normal).

Also you can think through your sales and service process and when might be the best times to offer different services or service packages, good times to send thank you notes and other acts of appreciation, good times to educate your prospects and clients on the value of your services and good times to ask for referrals.

Thinking through your sales processes and your clients sales processes and looking for ways to improve on them can be an incredibly valuable exercise.