The Most Profitable Service To Offer…?

It would be nice to have a single service that you know beyond a doubt will be the most profitable to offer to brick and mortar businesses.

Unfortunately it’s not that simple.

What will be highly profitable for you depends on your personal set of skills and experience, the actual businesses you talk to and many other factors.

Generally speaking if you want to make the maximum amount of money with minimum risk look at delivering a service using skills you already have.

That means you can keep all the money you charge your client.

Another factor you might want to look at is whether you’ll charge ongoing fees for a service you deliver month after month ($500 a month is $6,000 a year if a client stays with you…significantly more than charging $2,500 for one project).

Just to complicate things the client who pays you $2,500 for one project will probably be a better client to work with than one who has paid significantly less upfront to work with you.

The more a client pays upfront to work with you usually the more they value your skills and expertise.

If you don’t want to physically deliver a service yourself then the exercise is not so much about a particular service but finding someone you can rely and trust to outsource to.

Whatever service THEY can provide is going to be what you will offer.

Overall it’s not so much the service you provide that will determine your profits but your ability to establish the potential dollar value of your service with prospects and the ability of the business to pay you (there’s a sweet spot in business size…often somewhere between 6 and 30 employees).

Businesses that have higher transaction fees often can and will pay you more to help them bring in clients.