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Online Marketing For Small Business If you're going to win over business owners you need ammunition.  Just one good idea can blow a business owner away.  More than one and he'll think you're a living, breathing genius.

    You can have dozens of powerful online marketing strategies for brick and mortar businesses right at your fingertips.

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Online Gold For The Offline Business
    This is the definitive ebook on how to use online marketing to power up the profits in any brick and mortar business. There is NOTHING on the market that compares to this unique resource manual.  Inside you'll find:

Online Marketing For The Offilne Business ebook
  • 34 chapters packed with cutting edge strategies for mixing online and offline marketing in a small to medium sized business.
  • Your rapid marketing overhaul checklist with 38 questions you can ask yourself or any business owner to determine exactly where you can start focusing your online marketing efforts.
  • And a whole lot more including...
  • The 2 easiest, low or no cost ways to increase the sales in any brick and mortar business. These 2 methods are simple and effective yet most small businesses are almost completely ignoring them (a goldmine for you as a consultant).
  • Why the real power is in integrating online and offline marketing and the 4 key fundamentals for the online/offline marketing mix.... 
  • The astonishing truth.  Why it's best not to have customers in any business and what you want instead.
    And we're just getting started.  In minutes you can access these...

Small Business Email Marketing Secrets

As soon as you download your Online Gold For The Offline Business ebook go straight to page 12...

You'll discover the 2 key elements you must offer prospects if you want them to sign up for an email list and be eager to open the emails when they arrive in their inboxes.  

Even experienced online marketers are missing these keys.

And you'll be amazed at this...

  • Most brick and mortar businesses are oblivious to their most valuable asset.  I'll reveal how you can harness this asset and turn any business into a marketing powerhouse.  I'll also show you...
  • How to use prizes and gifts in a business to build huge, highly targeted lists you can market to over and over.

    And there's still more.  I've crammed an arsenal the most powerful online marketing methods for small businesses into this ebook like...

The "Santa Secret" To
Multiplying Business Sales

  • Discover the "Santa secret" to getting clients to buy from a business more often and 6 examples of using this secret in different brick and mortar business from a sports center to a yoga teacher to a cleaning business. 
  • 3 dead easy ways to build an email list in a brick and mortar business.  If you understand the value of an email list then the simplicity of these methods will blow you away (and give you the knowledge you need to help small business owners FAST)....
  • An astonishingly simple way to increase the value of the email subscriber list of a business at no extra cost.

3 Business Card Secrets

3 amazing secrets to using business cards to get any brick and mortar business a steady stream of new clients and email subscribers.  

You'll be amazed at how most businesses are ignoring these 3 powerful marketing strategies.

And all it takes is making one simple change to an ordinary business card to get a flood of new clients.

    And there's still more.  You'll be astonished at the strategies packed into over 120 pages in this ebook...

Small Business Search Engine Secrets

    If you ever have trouble getting your sales pages to convert visitors into buyers or you get more refunds than you want this report is a must read.  You'll discover....
  • How to get free traffic to any small business site from search engines like Google and Yahoo.
  • The one thing search engines loved in the past, love now and will always love.  Give the search engines this key element and they'll send you a steady stream of traffic for months and years to come.
  • How to use the way people search online to rocket any small business site to the top of the search engines for highly lucrative search terms.
  • 5 simple ways to turn web pages into search engine magnets.
  • The one key you can never afford to take your focus from when you're trying to top the search engines or doing any kind of online marketing. A business that ingores this vital key is doomed to failure...

    These are the secrets of strategic online marketing and search engine optimization you simply can't afford to ignore including...
  • Why search engines love blogs and 7 keys to making any business blog a powerful online marketing tool.
  • One element you should have on EVERY post of every blog.  If you're missing this element then you're throwing away a small fortune every day.
  • How to harness the power of Web 2.0 to bring traffic and clients to a small business...usually without spending a cent.

Unleash The Power Of Ebay, Pay Per Click
And Free Online Classified Ads

  • 2 proven strategies to cash in on the world's largest search engine for products...ebay.  No brick and mortar business can afford to ignore the fantastic, highly targeted 60 million searches ebay gets every day.
  • 2 keys to using free online classified ads to sell products and services, get free traffic and increase search engine rankings for a business web site.
  • The secrets to tapping into the pay per click goldmine for local businesses.  Pay per click advertising can be either a costly nightmare or a lucrative sales machine.  I'll give you simple guidelines to avoid the traps and cash in fast.

The Secrets Of Using Images
Online Video And Information Products
To Multiply Small Business Profits

  • How to use images to increase impact and attract free highly targeted traffic from the search engines.
  • The little known system that requires just an inexpensive digital camera and can build your website content, credibility and turn any business website into a search engine magnet.  I could easily charge many times the price of this book just for this unique and powerful system.
  • The secrets to using online videos to multiply the sales and profits of any business and dominate the search engines with multiple listings.
And there's more including...
  • The amazing power of joint ventures and how any brick and mortar business can cash in by strategically cooperating with other businesses. As an online marketing consultant you can make a fortune simply by setting up joint venture deals between your different clients in the same local area.
  • How to use information products to position a business as a market leader, generate additional sources of income and get prospects eager to buy any products and services that business is offering.
  • A simple method that will allow you to create an information product FAST without writing a word.
  • The simple strategy that can generate a steady stream of highly qualified leads in nearly any business.

And I'll even reveal to you the biggest secrets of all...

How To Turn Online Traffic Into
Real Offine Sales
  • 12 secrets to writing an online sales letter that will convert visitors to a website into paying customers.
  • The secrets of following with email subscribers by email to create sales and client loyalty in a business.
  • How to use an ordinary calendar and a Google search to keep a business thriving even while other businesses in the same industry are going broke.
  • 3 keys to turning a business website into a viral machine.  Get this right and the business will be flooded with new high quality clients.

And you'll discover how to think way out of the box with full chapters on...

Online Marketing For Tourism Businesses
Sporting Associations And Rock Stars!

    Master the skills of marketing even just one of these key groups and you'll have an endless stream of paying clients.  You'll discover...
  • How to profit from building an email list even if the clients of a business are tourists.
  • How to use online marketing to become and independent rock star.  Yes this is the real deal.  You'll be amazed when you see how simple it really is.
  • How to use online marketing to turn any sporting association into a lead generating, revenue raising, joint venture powerhouse.  As a consultant you can turn your sport into a source of fantastic revenue while you help to make your local sporting association wealthy.

The One Business Marketing Rule
You MUST Know

    Finally this ebook will help you tie all the pieces together by regrounding you in the fundamentals that you MUST stick to to make any brick and mortar business thrive.  

    You'll have the power to create your own solutions for ANY business at will when you discover...
  • How to tap a wealth of online marketing breakthroughs at will. Create a wealth of great ideas you can pitch to a business owner in just minutes.
  • Cash in with the 80/20 rule of online marketing.  Make all your online marketing efforts for yourself and your business clients twice as effective with just half the effort.
  • Your rapid marketing overhaul checklist.  38 questions you can ask yourself or any business owner to determine exactly where you can start focusing your online marketing efforts.
  • The most important secret to online marketing, offline marketing and doing business in the real world.  Any business that ignores this secret will fail.  It's just a matter of time.  But harness its power and you can blast the profits of any business into the stratosphere.

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