Writing Copy To Sell Your Services

If you don’t have prospects who are eager to hire you contacting you then there’s one skill you need to develop or outsource…copywriting.

The reality is most of your best, highest paying prospects are going to take multiple contacts before they hire you.
You might make those contacts in person but things are going to go a whole lot smoother and you’re going to come across as a real expert if you have a series of different reports, articles and other pieces that help move your prospects forward step by step.

Even if you’re the greatest sales person on earth a great report or sales letter can largely make your sales presentation for you.

That Way You Can Have Your Best Prospects
Contacting You Ready To Get Started…

And the best part of using reports, articles and sales letters to educate your prospects is you can educate them on how to work with you.

In other words you can educate your prospects on how to be perfect clients for you!

How do you set up a system to pre-educate prospects and get them to the point where they’re desperate to hire you?

When I work with clients setting up these systems the first question I ask is:

“What is the ultimate outcome you want your client
to get from working with you?”

That’s a really weighty question and one you really need to think about.

Then comes the next question:

“From where your prospect is right NOW what is the FIRST step they need to take to move them towards that ultimate outcome?”

It’s often something really simple and that’s the whole point really. You need to break this down into simple steps you can manage.

You need to have your focus entirely on your prospect and what’s going through THEIR head….what’s important to THEM.

And just nudging them forward that first, simple step.

Remember business owners are busy…so you might just get attention with that first step and give them one tiny nugget that starts opening up the door just a little for you.

And from there the question is simple and obvious:

What is the next step towards
that ultimate outcome?

You can go step by step thinking through how far you can get your prospect to move each time.

With a report or sales letter you might move your prospect forward half a dozen steps.

When you’re writing that piece you think through where your prospect is at and you move them forward strategically in the report or sales letter.

That kind of copywriting is a complex skill…every part of the copy has to work together…the headline, the opening line, the content…all carefully crafted to appeal to their emotions where they’re at now and move them to the place they need to be.

A lead generating report or a sales letter both work in very similar ways in this regard. They even have very similar elements.

Then you can think through whether you want to talk to your prospect in person.

Seeing a prospect in person can take a lot of time on your part but it also helps you move them forward huge leaps at one time.

With a short article it might just be one or two steps.

But with every piece you’re getting them closer and closer
to the point where they hire you…

When you grasp the concept and you embrace it you’ll stop being so worried about “closing” a sale today and you’ll think more about moving your prospects strategically to the point where they’ll excitedly pay your premium fees and be prepared to work with you in the way you need them to work with you to get great results.

One of the greats at getting high paying clients using multiple pieces is copywriting and direct marketing expert Dan Kennedy.

He has books, reports, sales letters, videos, information products…the list goes on and on.

When someone hires Dan Kennedy they’re paying in the region of $25,000 a day for his advice. He knows what he’s doing.

Here’s an old nugget that’s just as successful today with a little adapting to sell your services and to help sell your client’s products and services…his magnetic marketing system.

This is a powerful multi step system that moves your prospect from where they are now to the point where they’re calling you or knocking on your door desperate to hire you.

Magnetic Marketing Gift

Magnetic Marketing audio 1 (MP3)

Magnetic Marketing audio 2 (MP3)

If you’ve never been exposed to this type of marketing it will be a huge eye opener for you. If you’re familiar with Dan Kennedy and his material then you know how valuable these audio files really are.


One Final Point

As a professional copywriter I have listened to and applied dozens, possibly hundreds of different courses on copywriting and marketing.

I’ve worked with some of the world’s most successful marketers.

That’s just a part of being successful in the profession.

Yes you can write your own copy but be aware that when you work with a professional you usually make more just on the advice you get on improving your marketing system.

Much of the time when you hire a copywriter who really understands marketing the writing of the copy effectively works out to be free because of the profits you make from the advice you get.

And be aware that writing the kind of great copy your marketing business deserves takes a lot of commitment and experience.

Yes you can do it but your time may be better invested elsewhere since you already have an internet marketing business.