Pricing Too Low…?

Many people are eking out pennies making websites or offering other internet marketing services when they could be doing so much better for themselves AND their clients.

Pricing too low is a REALLY bad way of doing business.

First let’s talk about why you may not be getting the prices for the services that you really deserve.

If you’re not getting better prices you need to look at:

# Your own confidence in your abilities and what you believe businesses will pay.

It’s usually a whole lot more than what you think. Read the FREE Offline Gold report Breaking The Belief Barrier for more on this topic.

# Your mindset and processes for working with businesses.

If you’re just focused on making them a simple website then your work isn’t worth a whole lot.

But if you focus on adding some strategies that can bring in real sales for them suddenly your work has a tangible dollar value and you can charge based on that.

Even if a strategy you implement brings in just $100 a week in extra profits that’s over $5,000 a year.

# Your process of talking to prospects.

Are you building rapport? Are you asking questions about their business and
listening so you can suggest solutions that they perceive will deal with their real problems?

# Your ability to establish potential dollar value with your prospects.

Many people drop the ball on this. The most common reason people don’t get paid substantial fees is because they don’t effectively establish the value of their service.

If you’re a gold member of you can read this series of articles on the
Secrets To Establishing Value, Getting Hired And Massively Increasing The Fees You Can Charge

You’re not doing anyone any favors by pricing yourself too cheap.

You don’t give yourself the time or the incentive to really help a client when you’re not making good money and you don’t make enough so that you can have a good life yourself.

Everyone loses.

The reverse is also true.

When you charge premium fees you can take the time to make sure you deliver huge value beyond what you’re charging and you get to live a good life.

Everyone wins.

Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh