Ranking High In Search Engines

Here’s a great question:

“Is it still possible for a brand-new blog (literally days old) to rise rapidly in the search engine results by the sole use of non-paid traffic methods such as: Blog commenting, Social media, Forum signatures, Web2.0 properties etc. etc.”

Many people are confused about ranking high in search engines like Google.

You hear about the “latest Panda update”, Google “slaps” and if you go onto an internet marketing forum you’ll see posts with people complaining about how their site, which was ranking so well…has now disappeared from the search results.

I’ll let you in on a secret.

The foundations of Search Engine Optimization have changed very little in the last 5 or 6 years.

What you need to do it think like the search engines do and you’ll quickly discover how to avoid most of the problems people have.

What do search engines like Google want?

They want a good experience for their users. They want people who search for something to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for.

And most search engine algorithms are designed to serve that purpose.

So how do you take advantage of this?

Give the search engines what they want by giving searchers what they want.


The fastest way I know to rank high in the search engines with a website is to have a page of high quality unique content targeting a long tail keyword phrase that has little or no competition.

A page like that can bring in a tiny trickle of targeted traffic for years to come with little or no backlinks.

Expanding this out if you have dozens of pages of high quality unique content on a website…each page targeting one long tail keyword phrase that has little or no competition…then you can build some substantial traffic this way.

And over time as you build more and more pages like this search engines like Google start seeing your site as a quality resource and it gets easier to rank for more competitive search terms…again with high quality, highly targeted content.

Any quality site linking back to pages on your site should also help your rankings so your activities on other blogs, social networks and forums with links back to pages on your site will also help.

Does this work?

I have pages that have ranked at or very close to the top of google for search terms for over 5 years…with no effort or input on my part.

SEO guru Tinu Abayomi Paul has thousands of pages ranking on the first page of google with content she also wrote years ago.

Search engines like quality content.