Make A Living Online…?

Here’s a question I’m sure many people have:

“How difficult is it really to make a decent living online? Surely there are thousands of other marketers out there, all making very little. How hard is it really to move beyond that and start making a reasonable income on the internet?”

My answer:
Over the past week I’ve been looking over Warrior Special Offers and it was a stark reminder of the way many people think.

If you join the large number of people who just want to make money you’re likely to really struggle and if you do stumble on something that works chances are it will stop working and you’ll be right back where you started.

Here’s the real key.

If you stop focusing on making money as the first priority and look for ways you can help and serve others the process gets a whole lot easier.

One of the reasons the whole “Offline Gold” thing took off so quickly was not so much because internet marketers found a market of businesses who have money to spend (although that is true)…

It’s because marketers found a way to use their skills to genuinely help brick and mortar businesses.

The key is being of genuine service.

The other side of that is being of service in a way where your dollar value to the person you’re serving is high.

Writing direct response sales letters is great…writing articles for $5 sucks.

You want your service to have a high dollar value to the people you’re serving.

If you really put yourself into this and wrack your brains looking for ways to help others and to be of huge dollar value to them you should be making a good income inside 6 months.

Many people do it in their first month or two.

But if you follow all those crazy schemes chasing traffic from people you don’t care about or arbitrage or other ideas that have no meaning to you beyond trying to make a quick buck you’re really going to struggle.

Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh