Do You Leave A Message…?

Do you leave a message when you’re calling a business owner who is a prospect and you’re put through to voice mail or an answering machine?

Unless I have a very good reason not to I love leaving a message because then you’re getting your prospect to call you back (changing the dynamics of the call from you calling them to them calling you).

In fact I know of people intentionally calling certain kinds of businesses after hours where they know the phone will go to voice mail or an answering machine so they can leave a message that drives the business owner crazy with curiosity.

I recommend using the Amazing 4 Line Letter as a script in this way (Gold Members of have access to the Amazing 4 Line Letter).

Do this well and you can have a huge percentage of the business owners you leave a message with calling you back.

Curiosity is a two edged sword of course…

The business owner will call you with burning curiosity but as soon as you tell him specifically what you were calling for he’ll think he knows what it is. His curiosity is gone.

So it’s a bit of a dance taking some skill to make them feel like you’re genuinely sharing with them while you hold back information to maintain that curiosity long enough to gather the information you need to really help them.

This process of leaving messages is much easier than cold calling because if you’re just repeating the same message over and over to an answering machine there’s no pressure when you’re getting the ball rolling.

I’ve also heard of people doing this with auto dialers although I’m not certain of the legality of this any more in various states and countries.