Marketing For Industrial Companies

I’ve already said in previous posts that your most lucrative source of premium paying clients can be businesses in the manufacturing or industrial sectors.

These businesses deal with HUGE transactions. One client for them can mean tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in turnover.

But how do you help to market a business like this?

You’re not likely to get a whole lot of help looking in the Google keyword tool for keyword phrases that prospects are searching for.

So what do you do to find and convert clients?

Here are 4 tips to get you started:

1. Find out how they’re getting their clients now.

What is the process they go through? Who is making the decision to buy?

What information did they need before they made that decision?

Also who are their best prospects?

2. As has already been mentioned having a site filled with information that helps give the information decision makers need to make a purchase.

And think offline as well.

If you have white papers, reports, videos etc they can all be converted into pieces that can be used offline (printed reports, printed articles, DVDs or video on a USB stick).

Basically you’re giving the sales people in the company a resource of tools they can use to make their job a whole lot easier and more effective.

3. Once you know who their best prospects are you can target them…

Direct mail is great for this.

You can find a list of 50-100 of their best prospects and start mailing them useful information, sales letters etc etc and keep doing that until they buy.

Check out sites with compiled industry specific lists like to see the amazing range of lists that are available to you.

This kind of very low cost contact by direct mail (maybe $100 a month) can be really effective over the long term at positioning a business in the industry with their best prospects.

4. What do their best prospects in the industry need or use?

Can you create an industry site, a forum, some kind of online resource that’s valuable to the best prospects of the business.

If you can get your best prospects going to one place online you can market to them in subtle and not so subtle ways.

The irony is that many marketers have real problems when they have to market to a tiny number of people.

It’s actually EASIER the smaller the group becomes as long as you take the time to work out who they are and what’s important to them.

Very specific people have very specific desires and needs.

You just need to tap into that and give them what they want.