The Best Marketing Method…?

If you want new paying clients what is the most powerful, reliable way of getting high quality, high paying clients?

I talk about 25 different ways of getting paying clients in the Offline Gold Get Clients Now package.

But if you really read what I’m about to write closely I’ll reveal THE most powerful way to approach a new prospect.

And this method is so powerful it has a better chance of getting you hired by almost ANY prospect than anything else I can think of.

So What Is
The Most Powerful Way

To Make Contact With A Prospect?

This is so simple you might overlook the multiple gears running behind it so don’t brush this off without really thinking about it.

If you really want to get hired be introduced to a prospect by someone they trust.

REALLY obvious when you think about it but this beats the living hell out of anything else I could tell you.

When a business owner is recommended to you by someone they know and trust they’re going to listen to you and if you come up with anything that’s even vaguely exciting to them, chances are they’re going to give you a shot.

That leads to the next obvious question…

How Do You Find Someone They Know?

This sounds crazy but there’s an old principle called the “six degrees of separation.”

Basically you know someone, who knows someone, who can introduce you to the prospect you want as a client.

The very first strategy in the report 25 Different Ways To Get Paying  Clients I reveal how to turn any prospecting you do on it’s head

If you’ve read that report you may just have had a light bulb moment (If not I suggest you go back and read it again).

Also if you’re using the Offline Gold Army strategy then you’re going to have your army; of business owners and professionals who are eager to recommend you to people they know.

But just understanding that life is going to get a whole lot easier for you if think through ways of engineering those introductions.

This Can Completely Change EVERYTHING!

When you sit down and think through “who do I know?”, “who do my best prospects know?”, “who do I need to know to get one to connect me with the other?” and you start using some intelligent methods to build contacts and relationships you’re going to revolutionize your entire business and the way you think about your business.

If you’d like to read more on one way to get the undivided attention of your prospect when you’re being introduced this way check out the free report on the Free Lunch Referral Strategy.

But don’t get so hung up about how you’re going to meet a prospect if you’re being introduced this way.

Yes it helps if you set up a situation where everything is in your favour and your posture is great but in most cases most things will work because they’re already onside.