Why Persistence Conquers Luck

There’s a lot more randomness in our lives than we’d care to admit…or even realize.

Every time you get in contact with a prospect in some way there’s a huge random element in play.

Has your prospect had a bad day making them less receptive to ANY approach?

If you’re using direct mail who is picking up the mail and sorting it on the day?

Then there’s just simple probability. Only a percentage of the business owners you approach will be interested in what you have to offer.

As an example let’s say that whatever initial prospecting method you’re using gets 20% of the business owners you contact putting up their hand in some way to say they’re interested.

And let’s say that 50% of the interested business owners you talk to face to face end up hiring you.

That means in this example ON AVERAGE one in 10 prospects
you put through your marketing process become paying clients…

First of all understand every person is different and with smaller numbers probability can be really inaccurate.

But even with your 1 in 10 probability of getting a client putting them through your marketing process you are going to experience large runs of prospects who DON’T hire you.

Runs of 30, 40 even 50 or 60 prospects who don’t hire you will be normal.

You might talk face to face with half a dozen…even a dozen prospects in a row who seem to be interested but DON’T hire you for a variety of reasons.

There are 2 major things going on here…

# 1: Just simple luck. Some people are going to hire you…some aren’t. That’s probability.

The way you overcome luck is with persistence.

In fact in most fields the reality is if you’re the person who persists long and hard enough, doing the things it takes to succeed then with enough time you’ll become a leader in that field.

Persisting with the kind of action that can produce positive results will usually result in success…even if you’re incredibly unlucky.

If you want to succeed you need to commit in advance to sticking with it until you reach the goals you want to achieve.

But that’s only part of the picture.

The next element I’m about to reveal is what makes or breaks most people…

# 2: Doing what it actually takes to succeed…

As opposed to doing what you THINK it takes or what you’re comfortable doing.

This is probably the most important principle of all.

Many people think if they just keep doing what they’re doing over and over then they’ll get hired and end up with all the clients they need.

Unfortunately that doesn’t always work. Why?

At every step in the process there are things you can do that can swing the odds in your favor…increasing your chances of getting hired.

And continuing with strategies that have a low probability of success for you will leave you working hard, spinning your wheels and getting poor results or worse still, no results at all.

Even if you’re already successful
making some quite subtle changes in what you’re doing can
massively increase the results you’re getting…

I know that the email coaching students I have who are getting the biggest results are those who have already had paying clients…many already have good incomes.

It’s hard to steer a car that’s not moving but when you’re already taking action and getting some kind of feedback it’s much easier to guide you down a road that brings you more profits faster.

You might be able to convert a much higher percentage of cold prospects into paying clients and you may be able to charge a whole lot more just by tweaking what you’re already doing.

One common problem with the element of randomness in converting prospects into paying clients is that…

You can misread what it took for you
to get a paying client…

You think it’s one thing you did whereas it might be something completely different.

You don’t want to over think this…ultimately just getting in the game getting in contact with business owners is going to get you hired.

But if you’re serious about building a highly profitable business and avoiding banging your head against a brick wall then you should seriously consider improving on everything you’re doing to get the best return you can on your efforts.

This is where getting coaching from someone who has helped thousands of other marketers and really understands the process and your struggles can help.


Also just being HONEST with yourself…

Look at each part of your marketing process and start asking yourself some serious questions:

# If I was a business owner would I read this letter? Would I be interested in hearing more? Why? What would be in it for me?

# If I was a business owner face to face with someone and he suggested this strategy would I be excited about it? Why? What would be so exciting about it to me?

# If I was a business owner and I was asked to pay this amount of money in this way would I be comfortable paying it? Why? What’s the value in this for me and my business?

And then there’s the really pressing question:

# Am I REALLY doing what it takes to get paying clients or am I just doing what’s comfortable for me? How can I improve on what I’m doing? How can I improve on who I am as a person?

It can be hard to be this self critical. We all have blind spots about our own weaknesses.

The advantage of coaching is that you get someone who is objective who can guide you in the direction that is likely to get you the fastest positive results.

But ANY positive changes you make are likely to be worthwhile.

And just starting down that track is like a rock rolling down a loose hillside…very quickly it can build to be an avalanche where you and your business income grow incredibly quickly.


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