Setting Up Joint Ventures

Setting up joint ventures for your clients can be highly lucrative both for them and for you. Let me explain why but first let’s talk about what I mean by a joint venture…

One of the fastest ways for a business to make rapid sales and profits is to get another business to promote their product and service to their customers.

This can lead to a huge influx of new customers and if the joint venture partner promoting them is chosen well they’ll be high quality customers too.

JointVentureThe business doing the promoting either gets a percentage of the sales created (like a commission) or gets their business promoted in return (a type of referral exchange).

This can be as simple as setting up an online sales page of some kind for the business then creating an email for the business doing the promoting…both services you can provide and charge for.

In fact you can charge for everything including finding and suggesting businesses to do joint ventures with (even if it involves going through the business owner’s address book to see who he already knows who might be open to it).

If you’re using the Offline Gold Army system then you can feature this service in your newsletter and offer it to every business who joins.

Now you might pick up the obvious stumbling block here.

Many businesses don’t keep email lists of their customers. That’s not as big a problem as you might think…in fact it’s a potential opportunity for you as a consultant.

First you can always send a snail mail promotion because businesses that are selling higher ticket items or services keep mailing addresses.

Second you can offer to help these businesses set up an email list…

This is where helping businesses set up joint ventures gets interesting…it’s a great way for you to pick up new clients for yourself because you’re positioning yourself perfectly as a marketing expert with some really cool, fast, minimal cost profit making strategies.

Every time you help to set up a joint venture for one of your clients you’re also introducing yourself to a potential high paying client for yourself.

So you get a win in multiple ways.

Dan Kennedy’s Business Breakthroughs

Did you ever see the Subway commercial with Jared?

He lost 240 pounds in a year eating Subway and walking to the Subway store…

subwayJaredAdWhat’s interesting about that
amazingly successful Subway ad is that it is an
excellent example of reframing a business.

Subway is a fast food business but with the Jared ad they reframed their business as a weight loss business.

They used the marketing strategies of the weight loss industry…the before and after photo, the diet plan, the story of a successful dieter.

Marketing For Industrial Companies

I’ve already said in previous posts that your most lucrative source of premium paying clients can be businesses in the manufacturing or industrial sectors.

These businesses deal with HUGE transactions. One client for them can mean tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in turnover.

But how do you help to market a business like this?

You’re not likely to get a whole lot of help looking in the Google keyword tool for keyword phrases that prospects are searching for.

So what do you do to find and convert clients?

Here are 4 tips to get you started:

1. Find out how they’re getting their clients now.

What is the process they go through? Who is making the decision to buy?

What information did they need before they made that decision?

Also who are their best prospects?

2. As has already been mentioned having a site filled with information that helps give the information decision makers need to make a purchase.

And think offline as well.

If you have white papers, reports, videos etc they can all be converted into pieces that can be used offline (printed reports, printed articles, DVDs or video on a USB stick).

Basically you’re giving the sales people in the company a resource of tools they can use to make their job a whole lot easier and more effective.

3. Once you know who their best prospects are you can target them…

Direct mail is great for this.

You can find a list of 50-100 of their best prospects and start mailing them useful information, sales letters etc etc and keep doing that until they buy.

Check out sites with compiled industry specific lists like to see the amazing range of lists that are available to you.

This kind of very low cost contact by direct mail (maybe $100 a month) can be really effective over the long term at positioning a business in the industry with their best prospects.

4. What do their best prospects in the industry need or use?

Can you create an industry site, a forum, some kind of online resource that’s valuable to the best prospects of the business.

If you can get your best prospects going to one place online you can market to them in subtle and not so subtle ways.

The irony is that many marketers have real problems when they have to market to a tiny number of people.

It’s actually EASIER the smaller the group becomes as long as you take the time to work out who they are and what’s important to them.

Very specific people have very specific desires and needs.

You just need to tap into that and give them what they want.


Why Persistence Conquers Luck

There’s a lot more randomness in our lives than we’d care to admit…or even realize.

Every time you get in contact with a prospect in some way there’s a huge random element in play.

Has your prospect had a bad day making them less receptive to ANY approach?

If you’re using direct mail who is picking up the mail and sorting it on the day?

Then there’s just simple probability. Only a percentage of the business owners you approach will be interested in what you have to offer.

As an example let’s say that whatever initial prospecting method you’re using gets 20% of the business owners you contact putting up their hand in some way to say they’re interested.

And let’s say that 50% of the interested business owners you talk to face to face end up hiring you.

That means in this example ON AVERAGE one in 10 prospects
you put through your marketing process become paying clients…

First of all understand every person is different and with smaller numbers probability can be really inaccurate.

But even with your 1 in 10 probability of getting a client putting them through your marketing process you are going to experience large runs of prospects who DON’T hire you.

Runs of 30, 40 even 50 or 60 prospects who don’t hire you will be normal.

You might talk face to face with half a dozen…even a dozen prospects in a row who seem to be interested but DON’T hire you for a variety of reasons.

There are 2 major things going on here…

# 1: Just simple luck. Some people are going to hire you…some aren’t. That’s probability.

The way you overcome luck is with persistence.

In fact in most fields the reality is if you’re the person who persists long and hard enough, doing the things it takes to succeed then with enough time you’ll become a leader in that field.

Persisting with the kind of action that can produce positive results will usually result in success…even if you’re incredibly unlucky.

If you want to succeed you need to commit in advance to sticking with it until you reach the goals you want to achieve.

But that’s only part of the picture.

The next element I’m about to reveal is what makes or breaks most people…

# 2: Doing what it actually takes to succeed…

As opposed to doing what you THINK it takes or what you’re comfortable doing.

This is probably the most important principle of all.

Many people think if they just keep doing what they’re doing over and over then they’ll get hired and end up with all the clients they need.

Unfortunately that doesn’t always work. Why?

At every step in the process there are things you can do that can swing the odds in your favor…increasing your chances of getting hired.

And continuing with strategies that have a low probability of success for you will leave you working hard, spinning your wheels and getting poor results or worse still, no results at all.

Even if you’re already successful
making some quite subtle changes in what you’re doing can
massively increase the results you’re getting…

I know that the email coaching students I have who are getting the biggest results are those who have already had paying clients…many already have good incomes.

It’s hard to steer a car that’s not moving but when you’re already taking action and getting some kind of feedback it’s much easier to guide you down a road that brings you more profits faster.

You might be able to convert a much higher percentage of cold prospects into paying clients and you may be able to charge a whole lot more just by tweaking what you’re already doing.

One common problem with the element of randomness in converting prospects into paying clients is that…

You can misread what it took for you
to get a paying client…

You think it’s one thing you did whereas it might be something completely different.

You don’t want to over think this…ultimately just getting in the game getting in contact with business owners is going to get you hired.

But if you’re serious about building a highly profitable business and avoiding banging your head against a brick wall then you should seriously consider improving on everything you’re doing to get the best return you can on your efforts.

This is where getting coaching from someone who has helped thousands of other marketers and really understands the process and your struggles can help.


Also just being HONEST with yourself…

Look at each part of your marketing process and start asking yourself some serious questions:

# If I was a business owner would I read this letter? Would I be interested in hearing more? Why? What would be in it for me?

# If I was a business owner face to face with someone and he suggested this strategy would I be excited about it? Why? What would be so exciting about it to me?

# If I was a business owner and I was asked to pay this amount of money in this way would I be comfortable paying it? Why? What’s the value in this for me and my business?

And then there’s the really pressing question:

# Am I REALLY doing what it takes to get paying clients or am I just doing what’s comfortable for me? How can I improve on what I’m doing? How can I improve on who I am as a person?

It can be hard to be this self critical. We all have blind spots about our own weaknesses.

The advantage of coaching is that you get someone who is objective who can guide you in the direction that is likely to get you the fastest positive results.

But ANY positive changes you make are likely to be worthwhile.

And just starting down that track is like a rock rolling down a loose hillside…very quickly it can build to be an avalanche where you and your business income grow incredibly quickly.


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Writing Copy To Sell Your Services

If you don’t have prospects who are eager to hire you contacting you then there’s one skill you need to develop or outsource…copywriting.

The reality is most of your best, highest paying prospects are going to take multiple contacts before they hire you.
You might make those contacts in person but things are going to go a whole lot smoother and you’re going to come across as a real expert if you have a series of different reports, articles and other pieces that help move your prospects forward step by step.

Even if you’re the greatest sales person on earth a great report or sales letter can largely make your sales presentation for you.

That Way You Can Have Your Best Prospects
Contacting You Ready To Get Started…

And the best part of using reports, articles and sales letters to educate your prospects is you can educate them on how to work with you.

In other words you can educate your prospects on how to be perfect clients for you!

How do you set up a system to pre-educate prospects and get them to the point where they’re desperate to hire you?

When I work with clients setting up these systems the first question I ask is:

“What is the ultimate outcome you want your client
to get from working with you?”

That’s a really weighty question and one you really need to think about.

Then comes the next question:

“From where your prospect is right NOW what is the FIRST step they need to take to move them towards that ultimate outcome?”

It’s often something really simple and that’s the whole point really. You need to break this down into simple steps you can manage.

You need to have your focus entirely on your prospect and what’s going through THEIR head….what’s important to THEM.

And just nudging them forward that first, simple step.

Remember business owners are busy…so you might just get attention with that first step and give them one tiny nugget that starts opening up the door just a little for you.

And from there the question is simple and obvious:

What is the next step towards
that ultimate outcome?

You can go step by step thinking through how far you can get your prospect to move each time.

With a report or sales letter you might move your prospect forward half a dozen steps.

When you’re writing that piece you think through where your prospect is at and you move them forward strategically in the report or sales letter.

That kind of copywriting is a complex skill…every part of the copy has to work together…the headline, the opening line, the content…all carefully crafted to appeal to their emotions where they’re at now and move them to the place they need to be.

A lead generating report or a sales letter both work in very similar ways in this regard. They even have very similar elements.

Then you can think through whether you want to talk to your prospect in person.

Seeing a prospect in person can take a lot of time on your part but it also helps you move them forward huge leaps at one time.

With a short article it might just be one or two steps.

But with every piece you’re getting them closer and closer
to the point where they hire you…

When you grasp the concept and you embrace it you’ll stop being so worried about “closing” a sale today and you’ll think more about moving your prospects strategically to the point where they’ll excitedly pay your premium fees and be prepared to work with you in the way you need them to work with you to get great results.

One of the greats at getting high paying clients using multiple pieces is copywriting and direct marketing expert Dan Kennedy.

He has books, reports, sales letters, videos, information products…the list goes on and on.

When someone hires Dan Kennedy they’re paying in the region of $25,000 a day for his advice. He knows what he’s doing.

Here’s an old nugget that’s just as successful today with a little adapting to sell your services and to help sell your client’s products and services…his magnetic marketing system.

This is a powerful multi step system that moves your prospect from where they are now to the point where they’re calling you or knocking on your door desperate to hire you.

Magnetic Marketing Gift

Magnetic Marketing audio 1 (MP3)

Magnetic Marketing audio 2 (MP3)

If you’ve never been exposed to this type of marketing it will be a huge eye opener for you. If you’re familiar with Dan Kennedy and his material then you know how valuable these audio files really are.


One Final Point

As a professional copywriter I have listened to and applied dozens, possibly hundreds of different courses on copywriting and marketing.

I’ve worked with some of the world’s most successful marketers.

That’s just a part of being successful in the profession.

Yes you can write your own copy but be aware that when you work with a professional you usually make more just on the advice you get on improving your marketing system.

Much of the time when you hire a copywriter who really understands marketing the writing of the copy effectively works out to be free because of the profits you make from the advice you get.

And be aware that writing the kind of great copy your marketing business deserves takes a lot of commitment and experience.

Yes you can do it but your time may be better invested elsewhere since you already have an internet marketing business.


Following Up By Email

After you’ve made your first contact with a prospect how do you follow up?

First, understand that following up with good prospects and clients is crucial if you want to have a business with a steady income.

You might think that your brilliantly designed direct mail piece should convert every prospect into a paying client.

Or you might think that the business owner you met at a business networking event will be calling you some time soon…after all he obviously liked you and he has your business card.

Or that well crafted, personalized email you sent…he couldn’t possibly ignore that.

Let Me Introduce You To The World
Your Prospect Lives In…

He has dozens of different things going on at once. He is, after all running a business.

He’s dealing with customers and employees. He has deliveries, bills, sales people, vendors and delivery drivers calling on him.

At the end of each week he has to pay out salaries…at the end of each month rent and a whole pile of other expenses.

Sure he might have met you or read your email or your letter. He might even be really interested in what you have to say.

But in most cases he’s so busy you’re
not even on his radar yet!

He’s moved on and even if he was interested in what you might be able to do for him he’s expecting that you’ll follow up with him (every other sales person and supplier he’s bought from followed up so why should you be any different?)

That’s why it’s absolutely critical that you think through your follow up process.

If you have an email address that you know is good you can follow up by email and you can do it very effectively.

The real secret is heavy personalization, appealing to your prospects wants and needs and positioning yourself as an expert (or as the connection to an expert).

I cover the kinds of follow ups you can do in detail in the report 25 Different Ways To Get Paying Clients with quite a few examples.

You can use online video, you can use an email, you can use screen shots of your prospect’s website or copies of his advertising or almost anything else that will get his attention.

See page 70 of the report 25 Different Ways to Get Paying Clients for ideas. Also some clever marketers have worked out you can adapt the series outlined in pages 50 to 55 very easily to email and that sequence can be VERY effective.

If you’re going out of your way to offer really useful information that’s customized to your prospect and his business and you make multiple contacts that way you’re going to dramatically increase the number of prospects who contact you.

You’ll also massively increase their perception of you as an expert
and potentially increase the fees you can charge…

Also think of using other media as well as email. Snail mail, phone calls, and in person calls are all amazingly powerful…especially if your plan is to share valuable information with those contacts.

If the first words out of your mouth are something like: “I was thinking about you and your business and I had an idea that might be valuable to you…” or “I read this article today on [topic] and I had to share it with you” or “I just finished a new report on [topic] and my first thought was ‘this would be great for [prospect’s name] and his business.'”

If you’re targeting a particular niche with your services then having an effective follow up system is crucially important because it’s a large part of positioning yourself as the go to marketing expert in that niche.

Effective follow up tools like lead generating reports and direct mail pieces is something we do when I work with you in the exclusive, customized niche yourself service I offer.

Take the time to think through who your prospects are, what’s important to them and what information you can share with them that is truly useful to them and you can design your own follow up system.

Then you just have to use it consistently.

Towns With No Search Engine Traffic

What should you do if you’re in a small town that doesn’t seem to generate any search engine traffic (based on keyword searches you do)?

First you should know that getting traffic to a website is just one of a whole pile of strategies you can use for a brick and mortar business and NOT the most important

For most businesses building relationships with their customers and prospects and following up with them is going to bring them the biggest return.

One obvious way to do that is with email marketing.

Think of how many people walk into a brick and mortar business in a month and what it would be worth to that business to capture their contact details and follow up with them automatically.

Here’s a video that explains the concept in a little detail…

The product From Offline Store Front To Online Gold sets out an out of the box email marketing strategy in detail.

Also most businesses are not using a whole range
of marketing strategies you could introduce to them…

Generally speaking the fast profits in a business are in improving their sales process and follow up…not in trying to bring in new business.

After that there’s usually good profits in creating referral systems (that can be done in a whole pile of innovative ways even with businesses that don’t ever usually ask for referrals).

If you’re having trouble understanding how you can help businesses without SEO then you should go study some marketing fundamentals.

Anything by Jay Abraham is great. You could also read my ebook Online Gold For The Offline Business.

When you grasp some simple marketing fundamentals you’ll be amazed at the opportunities and possibilities you see everywhere for helping businesses make more sales and profits.

Most businesses are not even scratching the surface of what they can do to:
# Turn more prospects into customers
# Get customers buying from them over and over
# Getting customers to buy MORE from them and
# Getting customers to send them high quality referrals.

Many of these things you can do or enhance using the internet with some quite simple skills and strategies.

And because you’ll be making the businesses you work with real profits often quite quickly it can be very lucrative for you AND your clients.


Finally don’t trust keyword search results. I have plenty of clients making some serious money with traffic from long tail search terms that don’t show up in any keyword tool and probably never will.

Some keyword phrases might only be searched for half a dozen times in a month but someone searching for that keyword phrase might be a highly qualified prospect worth thousands or tens of thousands of dollars to the right business in the right area.

Those types of keyword phrases are like gold.

They take no real work to rank high in the search engines (one page of targeted, quality content will usually do it) and they can keep bringing in high quality customers to a business for months and years to come.

Kindest regards,
Andrew Cavanagh

Lead Generating Reports

Because I can write one service I love offering to many brick and mortar businesses is a lead generating report.

First let me explain what a lead generating report is.

Basically you write a short report that is filled with useful information targeted to a particular kind of prospect in a particular niche. And you give it a sexy title that will appeal heavily to that prospect.

An example you might use for a real estate agent trying to get more listings might be a report titled…

“7 Secrets To Getting The Maximum Price
When You Sell Your Home In Austin”

You fill that report with highly useful tips.

And here’s the important part. You want that report to lead the most qualified prospects to the conclusion that they should list their home with your agent.

That’s tricky.

If you just put on the first page “list your home with xxxx agent” then although that may actually get some listings it’s not likely to be highly effective.

What you want to do is lead your prospect step by step by sharing high quality information and gradually introduce more and more information that gets them to see that your agent is the best logical choice for them.

In some industries where competition is fierce you can come right out of the gate firing with a report titled something like…

“7 Keys To Choosing The Best Tax Specialist
For Your Business”

A report like that sent to new business owners might be effective.
But you’ll usually build a whole lot more credibility and good will by sharing valuable information first.

So in that case a report like: “7 Insider Secrets To Slashing Your Tax Bill” is likely to enter the conversation your prospect is having in his head.

Yes he’s wanting hire someone to do his taxes but what he REALLY wants is to pay less tax or get a huge tax refund at the end of the financial year.

How Can You Make Money Out Of This…?

Businesses need high quality customers and clients and you can use a lead generating report in multiple ways to bring in customers.

Here are a few powerful methods:

# As a referral system. A lead generating report can be printed out or it can be delivered as a pdf online or as an email attachment.

The happy clients of a business will often be very happy to give away a report that is filled with useful information to the people they know who could benefit from it.

Add the offer of an initial gift consultation or any other enticing offer) and with a few different people giving these reports away you can create a steady stream of new business.

# As a way to pre-educate prospects. Many services are complicated and prospects have difficulty understanding who they should hire, what service they actually need and the benefits to them of one service or service provider over another.

A report that helps to educate them is a powerful way to become the first business they think of when they choose to hire someone.

It also saves time by weeding out prospects who really aren’t any good for the business and by saving staff or the business owner time having to answer the same questions over and over.

Do this well and a business can have high quality, pre-qualified prospects coming from these reports. That’s a huge time saver and a huge money maker.

# Use the report as a way to get prospects onto an email list.

A report that is highly targeted with a sexy title has real value to the best prospects of a business. Many will be happy to give their email address to get the report (especially if you also offer a related email course like “21 Different Ways To Save On Tax”).

That way your prospects will be looking forward to receiving email from you instead of thinking “I’ve given them my email address now here comes the spam!”

# Use the information in the report in multiple ways.

Each tip in the report can be turned into a video for a website and/or submitted to online video sites like youtube. The tips can be turned into articles and submitted on article sites. The tips can be turned into blog posts etc etc.

If you’re smart you can give away one or two tips then use that as an incentive for prospects to sign up for the full report.

# Promote the report in different ways.

Creating a lead generating, tell all report is a great excuse to get exposure from local media like local radio stations, newspapers and television news.

It’s a huge credibility boost for your client getting into local media as an expert in his niche and doing that for them is going to make you look pretty fantastic too.

You could also create online press releases promoting the report, get your client to put the title of the report and a link in his email signature and his signature on any forum where he’s active.

He can also put the title of the report on the back of his business card with a link to download it and on any appropriate business literature.

If You Can Write A Report You Can
Charge Businesses To Help Them ImplementThese Strategies

How much can you charge?

First you want to know how much a new highly qualified client is worth to them. In many cases that might be multiple thousands of dollars.

Executed well strategies involving a lead generating report can be amazingly effective at bringing in paying clients.

So if you’re helping a business make tens of thousands of dollars or more in a year you can charge accordingly.

The main thing is to focus not just on the writing of the report but on creating strategies that can help bring in real paying clients for the business. That’s what they’re paying you for.

I’ll come back to this topic of what you can charge and give you some ball park figures in a minute but first…

Where Do You Get YOUR Clients From?

Many business owners will be open to the idea of strategies involving a report like this that you create.

But how do you contact those businesses?

First it helps if you create a lead generating report for YOURSELF.

Yes a lead generating report selling the value of lead generating reports (if that gives you a headache I’m not surprised).

From there you can be contacting your best prospects in a variety of ways.

If you’re using the Offline Gold Army system that’s really simple. You can have a link to your report in every newsletter you send. You can also put one of your tips from the report in each newsletter you send.

There are multiple ways you contact prospects in the report 25 Different Ways To Get Paying Clients and most will work to sell this service.

Following tip # 22 from that report “the incredible power of repeating” you can use your lead generating report or tips from your lead generating report to follow up with prospects you’ve already had contact with.

Remember also that you can use your lead generating report
as a tool your happy clients can use
to give to referrals.

This can make strategy # 1: The Out Of The Box Referral Strategy from the report 25 Different Ways To Get Paying Clients much more powerful.

Anything you do to make it easy for your referral sources to send you referrals and to make them look good is going to make your referral systems more effective.

Having a lead generating report your referral sources can give away makes THEM look good (they’re giving away a valuable gift) and it helps enormously in converting prospects into eager paying clients.

How Much Can You Charge?

Personally I’ve charged in the $1,000 to $7,000 range for a report like this along with strategies to go with it.

You could also provide ongoing services.

For example you create the lead generating report, an email course and an optin page and then you also sell an ongoing SEO or pay per click or online classified ad service to get their best prospects to the report.

If that’s bringing in real paying clients the amount you could charge for the service is VERY flexible.

Anything from $250 to $5,000+ a month is possible depending on what new clients are worth to the business.

I’ve laid out a full strategy here for you. Now all you need to do is run with it.

Are Your Overheads Killing You…?

As a young man in my twenties running a brick and mortar business I thought I was invincible…at least for a while.

I was working every waking hour and I started making some money.

And like many business owners I was looking to make more money so I started to expand…opening other businesses.

In just two years I went from one tiny business to 6 businesses. I was cooking with gas.

But what I didn’t figure is what happens when your sales start slowing off and you still have to pay all those overheads like staff and rent of retail premises.

Brick and mortar businesses can be really scary…

You can lose a lot of money VERY fast…

From this point on I have to warn you that what I’m about to say is not for everyone.

I have no intention of telling you how to live or how to spend your money but if you want to step off the financial treadmill and have some peace of mind then what follows may have some strategies you want to consider.

Ultimately though it’s up to you what you do with your life and your money.

Even if you’re not running a business many people don’t realize how financially fragile their lives really are.


When they buy a house they get the biggest mortgage their bank will allow them. They get a car loan…maybe two car loans on vehicles that have huge insurance rates and ongoing maintenance costs.

Then there’s buying a whole variety of gadgets you and your family don’t really need with the small amount of disposable income you have left or worse with credit cards.

If you want to be a slave to money for the rest of your life then what I’ve just described is the classic way of doing it.

But you don’t need to live like that…

Wouldn’t you like to look at your bank account and know that even if your income stops you’re fine for the next 6 months, the next year…even the next 2 or 3 years or longer?

Achieving that for many people is not as hard as you might think.

First if you look at your lifestyle you can think through what you REALLY need and start getting rid of the things you don’t.

Anything that you have that’s still on repayments should be seriously considered first.

Also with vehicles do some research and work out which vehicles cost the least in actual maintenance after you figure in insurance, cost for mileage and physical maintenance costs.

The real figures when you start looking at them may shock you.

I remember a recent study that showed one popular family 4 wheel drive vehicle in Australia cost nearly $1,000 a week to run BEFORE you payed for gas.

Now that kind of expense makes perfect sense if it’s in proportion to your disposable income.

So if you were making $10,000 a week or more a vehicle costing you $1,000 a week might not be so bad.

But if you’re not making that money and you start analyzing your costs you might realize that you’re spending a significant portion of your working week just paying for insuring and maintaining a car.

Personally I think that’s crazy…

Another area where we tend to get brainwashed heavily is in this idea that we should buy everything our children ask for.

I’m not entirely sure why. When I grew up my mother didn’t do that and I’m pretty sure I’m better for it.

My thinking is if it helps a child genuinely build long term skills they’re likely to use in their life that’s something I’m going to seriously consider investing some money in.

But buying kids the latest gadgets so they can eat up their valuable time playing computer games and listening to ipods…I’m a little inclined to think children should work if they want gadgets like that and earn the money for themselves.

That helps them build self reliance and independence.

I don’t think you need to take things to extremes…

But in my opinion the sheer quantity of electronic gadgets, designer clothes and other accoutrements children have these days that really do little to genuinely enhance their lives…I think that’s an extreme.

Being a great  parent is not about giving your children everything they ask for. It’s about equipping them with the skills and experience they need so they can live a happy fulfilling life.

Now that I’ve probably got a whole pile of people offside I want to see if I can get back on your good side…

You have the perfect business already…

The great thing about helping brick and mortar businesses with their internet marketing is you have a business that has almost no fixed overheads and no capital expense.

You can work from your home so you don’t need an office. You don’t need staff.

You can choose to outsource work on a project by project basis if you want minimum risk.

You can outsource to employees anywhere in the world and for minimum risk you can wait till you have written agreements with businesses who are paying you monthly fees so you know any costs are covered.

You can change and adapt quickly.

Your costs are minimal but your potential rewards are huge because you’re effectively becoming a profit partner with any business you choose to work with but you don’t have a downside.

You don’t share in their costs or their overheads.

You don’t have to hire or fire their employees.

All you have to do is help them make more profits and you get paid. Usually you get paid in advance too!

The basic Offline Gold business model is truly a gift from business heaven.

You can take or leave anything I’ve written in this article but it would be great if you realized how fortunate you are to have a business where you’re not at risk of losing your shirt every month.


Getting To Know Prospects

Here’s a great question:

“What’s the best way to quickly research / learn a target market for a small business client?”

First if you’re asking the question you’re already one in a thousand people.

Most businesses and many of the people they hire to help them simply never think through who their prospects and customers are and what’s important to THEM.

You may surprise yourself with broader knowledge you already have if you simply identify what kind of demographic a business’s customers fall into.

What age range are they in, what sex, what kind of income level?

If you think through the people you know who are also in that demographic that should start to give you some insights.

To go deeper the ideal thing to do is to actually talk to a few prospects and clients (even just one or two is better than fact getting to know just one loyal customer really well can be a very educational experience).

You can even learn a lot with email exchanges with a few customers and prospects.

If it’s possible just hanging out in the business and taking the opportunity to ask some of the people who come in what’s important to them, whey they’re interested in the product or service…that can all be really valuable information.

You can also search online if the business type has forums where prospects and customers would go.

That is likely to reveal a whole pile of information you wouldn’t find otherwise because on a forum your can go through a whole pile of information and concerns people have and what gets them excited just by reading some threads.

At some point you’ll begin to feel like you have a good handle on what’s important to a prospect or customer of this business.

Ideally you would test that by talking to a prospect and seeing if you can hit their hot buttons in a conversation and persuade them to buy (or get to the point where they’re ready to buy).

But doing ANYTHING along these lines will put you way ahead of anyone else who is likely to work with your client.