Selling Leads To Businesses

This is a question that gets asked quite often.

Can I make money selling leads to businesses and which businesses are the most likely to buy leads?

First be aware that regardless of the service you sell there’s going to be some work in turning a prospect into a paying client.

The more you’re willing to put in that work and effort at building a real relationship the more money you’re likely to make in the short, medium AND long term.

Regardless of the service you provide your business will rise or fall based on your ability to build relationships with prospects, clients and referral sources…

Which businesses are the most likely to buy leads?
Generally speaking look for businesses with large transaction sizes.

The leads are worth more and if they’re industrial businesses they’re often not too difficult to generate.

One way to find businesses is to go to the industrial area of your town and just take a walk.

When you find a business that’s buzzing with activity find out who they are and what they do.

You’ll find there are many business types in industrial areas that you’ve never even heard of.

And many are making some real money with clients paying them…

Tens of thousands…even hundreds of thousands of dollars
for just one contract…

Also businesses like these are rarely approached by any kind of marketer so you’ll often be the first really skilled internet marketer they talk to.

No competition, high profits, big transaction sizes = good clients for you.

And when you find a niche that’s working for you, you can expand across the country…even across the world.

But if you want to get paid seriously consider this…

Selling leads is great but it can be hard to get paid by ANYONE who hasn’t paid you a substantial sum of money before.

I’d strongly recommend that you charge an upfront fee to help them set upsome kind of system to help convert their leads or you charge them a substantial upfront fee to begin generating leads for them.

So many people seem to think they should give a business a risk free proposal to get them on board as clients.

That’s such B.S. because it means your new “risk free” client has nothing at risk…he has no motivation to help you get leads, to handle the leads well or to get them to convert.

When you charge a client a substantial upfront fee it’s amazing how much harder they work to ensure their investment gets a return.

And that brings us full circle to the first point I made…

Regardless of the service you provide your business will rise or fall based on your ability to build relationships with prospects, clients and referral sources…

To get a client to pay you for those leads and put in the effort to convert them effectively you’re probably going to have to charge them some kind of substantial upfront fee so they’re committed to really working with you.

And to get them to pay a substantial upfront fee you’re going to have to build some rapport and trust…you’re going to have to build a relationship with your prospect.

When you embrace that this business gets a whole lot easier.

There are multiple ways you can open and build a relationship with a business owner. Ideally you get face to face in a situation where you’re asking questions and listening and they’re talking a lot.

But you can also automate parts of the process and set up systems that help to build you up as a genuine expert.

There are several methods you can use in the report 25 Different ways To Get Paying Clients and one system in the Offline Gold Army that you might consider.

Ultimately it’s not that complicated. You build a relationship…you get a paying client or a source of referrals.

This business doesn’t have to be complex.