Take The Risk Off Your Client…?

Today I was asked: “I have a client who has spent thousands of dollars on other marketers without any results. What can I do to put ALL the risk on myself so he’ll hire me?”

First the smartest thing you can do is talk to prospects who are willing to invest some money to get results rather than beating yourself to death with people who want to nickle and dime you.

But even in your question there are some clues.

“He’s spent tens of thousands on other marketers without any results”.

So you’re going to provide your services and you’re going to keep working till you get him results but you’re not going to charge him upfront?

Are you crazy?

You’re not running a charity.

Does it work like that in other businesses?

If I’ve bought chicken for 3 weeks and I haven’t cooked a decent dinner from that
chicken do I look for a grocery store that will give me chicken free?

If I’ve bought two cars that were lemons from other dealers do I expect the next
car dealer to give me a car free?


And if you charge upfront you force your prospect to put value on your skills and your

If a prospect is not willing to pay you upfront then find another prospect.

The people who don’t pay you upfront and try to force you into some commission only deal
have no skin in the game.

They lose nothing if they don’t work to make sure the strategies you implement are followed up on.

I know of people who’ve produced a pile of leads for businesses and the staff and owner
of the business simply didn’t follow up with those qualified leads in any kind of timely
manner (“I’ll get to them next week when I’m not so busy”).

Then they blame the marketer for not giving them good leads because the prospect, tired
of waiting has taken his business elsewhere.

I’ve seen marketers who need an interview or vital pieces of information or some kind
of co-operation from their client wait weeks, even months to get the most basic things


Your skills and your time are valuable.

Charge your clients for them and they’ll respect
you and your time.