Setting Up Joint Ventures

Setting up joint ventures for your clients can be highly lucrative both for them and for you. Let me explain why but first let’s talk about what I mean by a joint venture…

One of the fastest ways for a business to make rapid sales and profits is to get another business to promote their product and service to their customers.

This can lead to a huge influx of new customers and if the joint venture partner promoting them is chosen well they’ll be high quality customers too.

JointVentureThe business doing the promoting either gets a percentage of the sales created (like a commission) or gets their business promoted in return (a type of referral exchange).

This can be as simple as setting up an online sales page of some kind for the business then creating an email for the business doing the promoting…both services you can provide and charge for.

In fact you can charge for everything including finding and suggesting businesses to do joint ventures with (even if it involves going through the business owner’s address book to see who he already knows who might be open to it).

If you’re using the Offline Gold Army system then you can feature this service in your newsletter and offer it to every business who joins.

Now you might pick up the obvious stumbling block here.

Many businesses don’t keep email lists of their customers. That’s not as big a problem as you might think…in fact it’s a potential opportunity for you as a consultant.

First you can always send a snail mail promotion because businesses that are selling higher ticket items or services keep mailing addresses.

Second you can offer to help these businesses set up an email list…

This is where helping businesses set up joint ventures gets interesting…it’s a great way for you to pick up new clients for yourself because you’re positioning yourself perfectly as a marketing expert with some really cool, fast, minimal cost profit making strategies.

Every time you help to set up a joint venture for one of your clients you’re also introducing yourself to a potential high paying client for yourself.

So you get a win in multiple ways.