"Don't Read This
Unless You're Deadly Serious About
Multiplying Your Income!"

Read on to discover the secret to charging
up to TEN times more for the services you deliver
while doing LESS work..

f drop cap niche yourselfew experiences are more annoying than having your car break down  when you're in a hurry to get to an important meeting.

And it gets even more painful when your mechanic tells you he has to replace a "reverse rotating outake valve" or something equally cryptic.

When you need to replace a spare part in your car so you can get moving again you're not interested in a toyota camry spare part for your General Motors Hummer.

You need the exact spare part that's made for your exact make and model of car.

And you'll pay a premium for that spare part because no other spare part is going to work for your car...

broken down car niche service
What does a broken down car needing a spare part have
to do with selling your services to brick and mortar businesses...? 

It's really quite simple...

The business owners who are your best prospects are looking for a service
that's custom designed for them to solve their problems.

Just like looking for a spare part they're willing to pay a whole lot more for a service that's a customized solution for their industry...

That's why you can charge 2...3...up to
TEN times the price if you niche your service
to a specific industry...

And it gets even better.

Some niches are extremely lucrative with outrageously high transaction values.

And often there is no real competition for a savvy internet marketer.

In these niches just ONE sale can be worth thousands, tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With sales so high all you need to do is help them make a tiny handful of sales and you'll become their favorite rainmaker.

In niches like this the business owners won't even take you seriously unless you're charging $10,000, $20,000 or more for just one project.

But marketing to a specific industry is complicated and takes some skill...

First You Need To Find The Niche
That Suits You...

 I'd like to say that's simple but it can be a complicated task.

Ideally you've already had several paying clients and you've noticed that clients in one industry are more receptive to you and seem to have more money to spend than your average client..

You also need to consider the service or combination of services you provide.

It is often more effective to promote a specific set of services to a specific niche.

This makes you really stand out as unique and increases the perceived value of what you're doing because people like specialists.

Put another way...

If you need open heart surgery
you want a heart surgeon to operate on you...
not your local GP...

The heart surgeon gets paid a whole lot more for the work he does and when you specialize you can charge a whole lot more too.

At one time Red Adair was one of the highest paid specialists in the world.

oil well fire niching your service
Red Adair did only one thing. He put out oil wells
after they burst into flames...

And because he was a specialist at a high value service he was charging a million dollars or more for just one project.

No one asked Red to pump oil or to lay pipes or to truck oil from one place to another.

They knew he was good at putting out oil fires, they were willing to pay his fees. If anyone had an oil fire they knew to recommend him.

In an industry where there was little competition he was considered the best.

Ideally that's how you want to position yourself...a highly skilled specialist in a very specific industry who gets results that have real value.

Nail that and you can be charging fees that might be hard for you to even comprehend right now.

And it gets better...

Specializing In A Niche
Can Mean Much Less Work...

You've already done the hard work with the first few clients, you understand their prospects and the strategies that have worked for similar businesses in their industry so you don't have to start from scratch.

In many cases you can just make small changes to your lead generating reports, websites, sales letters, emails and other processes to provide a premium service that brings in real results.

You also become very familiar with the kinds of problems and objections your prospects have and you get to know from experience what methods work best to deal with them.

It can also be easier to find your best prospects. Many industries have associations you can join or lists of businesses and other contact details you can find or buy.

Also because you'll be working nationally or even internationally it's much easier to get quality referrals from the clients you've already worked with.

Usually someone on the other side of the country or the world is not their competition so they're happy to recommend you.

Everything becomes a whole lot easier when you're firmly positioned as a specialist in a niche.

I know your next question....

How Do You
Position Yourself In An Industry
So You Can Charge Those Premium Fees
And Slash Your Work Load...?

If this was easy I'd be teaching it step by step to all the Gold Members of Offlinebiz.com.

In fact I've agonized over how to teach this effectively.

Unfortunately if you don't do it well you're better off not specializing in a niche at all.

It takes some smart marketing and some great copy and good copywriters are not common.

I know that because I've been a copywriter for nearly a decade and not once have I ever been able to happily outsource or pass on work to another copywriter I could trust to do a good job.

That's why I've decided to work with just 3 very serious internet marketers and help them personally to drive into a niche market with a variety of strategies.

What Will We Be Doing...?

After helping you brainstorm the niche that's likely to be the best fit for you I'll personally write the copy for your marketing pieces to bring in paying clients.

It will vary based on what you actually need but as a guideline I'll personally create:
  • A powerful lead generating report that will help convince your best prospects that they should hire you.

    More important this tool will be filled with high quality information related specifically to the niche you're targeting and how they should market themselves using services YOU provide.

    You can use this report in multiple ways to educate and persuade prospects and as part of multiple referral systems.

And we're just getting started. I'll also create....
  • An email series to follow up with prospects who opt in for a report...guiding them step by step to the ultimate conclusion that they should hire you.

    Imagine getting prospects calling you month in and month out eager to hire you. That's what a great email series can do for you.
  • Your 3-7 part snail mail follow up series. These follow ups could also be sent by email attached to your prospect's ads or a screen shot of their website.

    They'll help convert prospects who are still unsure about your service into prospects who are ready to do business with you.

    I'll take the time to discover the real hot buttons of your prospects and craft pieces that hit those buttons hard helping them realize that hiring you NOW is the smartest decision they can make. 

And there's more to your personalized client creating system. I'll also write...
  • A powerful sales letter directly selling your services to your best prospects.

    You can use this sales letter on your website and offline to help turn visitors into prospects who call you or email you excited to take the next step in hiring you.

    And remember these clients will be paying you fees in the range of $5,000 to $20,000.

    Imagine how excited you'll be getting calls from business owners who want to set up payments of this size so you can get started working with them.

I'll also give you ongoing guidance. You'll get 6 months of ongoing support including...
  • My personal email address for email coaching. You can send me an email every day and know you're going to get a rapid reply.

  • Skype conversations once every 2 to 4 weeks if you need them. You can ask me questions and pick my brains to supercharge your niche service.

This is an incredible opportunity for you to work with someone who knows how to push your business to a whole different level...

How Much Money Will You Make...?

Quite honestly there are too many variables to predict accurately but as a starting point it wouldn't even be worth our time if you're making less than a 6 figure income (over $8,000 a month)...preferably a high six figure income.

What's possible if we hit it out of the park in a big way?

I can't possibly take full credit for it but one of my copywriting clients went from zero to a seven figure income in less than a year.

Check out Harvey Zemmel at MaximizeYourExit.com.

There were other people he was taking advice from including information marketing legend Dan Kennedy and speaker trainer Les Brown but I'm proud to say I was a part of that success.

I've been there right from the start and I know how someone gets to that kind of income level FAST and it's not by playing games or looking for cheap alternatives.

Harvey was smart enough to hire the best he could find in every field and to pay substantial fees for good advice and great copy..

I don't expect to be the only person you take advice from but I know any advice I give you and the copywriting services I provide will be worth many times what you pay for them.

How much am I going to charge you for writing copy and giving you all the guidance I can?

First understand...

This Is NOT A Discount Service
And Only A Select Few Will Qualify...

You need to be 100% committed to making a powerful income before I'll even consider working with you.

To get started you'll also need to pay $6,000 upfront and commit to paying $1,000 a month for the next 6 months (a total of $12,000).

But think about it.

Just one or two paying clients and you've made your money back. After that it's all profit for you and some very serious profit at that.

I usually charge $20,000 or more for working with clients in this way...creating sales copy, reports, emails and other resources that have prospects lining up to hire you.

Even If You Hit The Low Goal Of Just An
Extra $8,000 A Month You'll Be Well Ahead After
Just 2 Months...

If you do just half that you'd still have a marketing system that will make you an extra $48,000 a year.

Even in that poor performance scenario you make back 4 times what you'll invest in my services in the first year alone.

Over 3 years you'd be ahead $132,000. That's one hell of an investment!

Keep in mind though that paying the upfront $6,000 doesn't guarantee I'll work with you. It's just the only way I know you're serious about doing this.

Neither you nor I  can afford to play at this.

Why Am I
Willing To Do This...?

At these rates I'm actually better off writing copy for myself and selling the services myself.

But I also know that the next step in niching yourself after you've created the marketing pieces you need to bring in a steady stream of clients is a high priced information product.

I'm interested in partnering with a few hard working, highly motivated marketers serving each industry where I help to create information products and share in the profits from each sale.

At $1,500 to $10,000 a sale the profits we might share from a high priced information product down the track would be substantial.

This is NOT included in the deal above but it is something I'm looking to do in the future with clients I've worked with successfully and something you might get excited about doing too.

This is exciting stuff but if you're serious about taking your business to a whole different level by niching yourself in an industry...

 You Need To Act Now

I'm only going to take on 3 clients. I've never made an offer like this before and it's quite likely I'll never make it again.  

There's a serious limit to my time and things can change fast in business. I can gaurantee you I won't make this offer again at this price.

If you're serious about running with this I'd hate to see you miss out.

You can pay me US$6,000directly into my paypal account andrew@copywriting1.com or send a message through my help desk and we can make other arrangements.

Also feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need any clarifications but please only do that if you're serious about taking action with this.

Yours sincerely,
Andrew Cavanagh
Co-founder OfflineBiz.com
CEO OfflineGold.com
CEO Copywriting1.com

P.S. Six months from now or sooner you can have a new niched service complete with a marketing system that turns prospects into eager high paying clients.

But that can't happen unless you start taking action right now to set it up.

It's a shame for you to be making a fraction of what you really deserve to earn when you could be niching your services so easily with a little expert help..

Contact me now to discuss how you can get started with your own niched service.