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This report outlines a unique way to add an extra income stream from local business clients or to offer completely new clients.

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If you can write an email you can use this step by step system and charge local business owners $500 or a whole lot more to explode their sales.

Sport Mental Training It stopped me dead in my tracks.  A few weeks ago I was in my local shopping mall when I saw a local bookstore running a simple, inexpensive shop front display.  

    Their store was packed with shoppers.

    I watched for a while and realized this bookstore had spent less than $50 on a store front display that was driving a huge amount of walk past traffic into their business.

Then I realized...

ANY business could use this method
to turn people who normally walk straight past
their store front into paying customers

    Even more important I realized that bookstore (and nearly every brick and mortar businesses) is throwing away a fortune they could be making if they used a system to combine a powerful store front display with a simple online marketing method.

    This is a system I've used with real brick and mortar business clients in the real world.  And I'm giving you full access to my system if you act today.

From Offline Store Front To Online Gold     I've combined over a decade of retailing experience with over 7 years online marketing experience and created a special 43 page report "From Offline Shop Front To Online Gold."

    In this report I reveal step by step a simple system employing an inexpensive shop front display and turning that display into a long term online cash stream you can turn on and off like a tap.

    It's so simple you can start using it today.

Best of all this method works like gangbusters
even without a website

    Let me put this into plain language for you...

Make Real Sales Without A Website Within 24 Hours

If you own a business you could have this system up and running in 24 hours or less for under $100 and you don't need a website to do it.

Or if you want to make an income out of helping local businesses with their online marketing it doesn't get any easier than this...

    The only internet skill you need is the ability to set up an autoresponder sequence of emails.

    An inexpensive autoresponder service like Aweber gives you full step by step instructions on how to do that.  If you're already signed up to Aweber you're ready to go!

    Once you're up and running the only online skill you need is writing an email.

    And I'll even give you 5 professionally written emails you can adapt for any brick and mortar business.

It's all laid out for you in plain language
in your 43 page report

    I reveal:
  • 5 simple steps you or your buisiness clients can follow to create a powerful store front promotion for less than $50.  (You'll kick yourself when you see how dead easy this really is).
  • How the "wall of products" secret can transform this promotional method from a mild success into a customer sucking blockbuster.
  • The secret of a cheap (even free) 9 inch by 9 inch device that can turn your store front promotion into a valuable highly targeted email list you can contact over and over for years to come.

And there's more.  You'll also discover... 
  • How you can create a flood of business from your new email list by giving everyone a gift, a prize or both.
  • The amazing way you can use this method to test offer after offer FAST and discover exactly which offers and promotions get you the largest response and generate the most profits.
  • Why discounting is the lowest form of marketing and 6 different kinds of offers that will pull clients into any business without discounting.  Think aobut it.  You can have clients pouring through your door while you're charging full price..

    And it gets even better.  

    You can finally take control of your business turnover.  Or if you're a online marketing consultant you can become the rainmaker for your clients helping them make money at will any time of year.  

    Imagine it.  You can...

Turn Quiet Times Into Booming Business

    Once you get rolling with the marketing system outlined in this report you can turn the flow of customers on and off like a tap.

    Best of all it won't cost you a cent extra to get customers flooding into your business while other businesses around you are struggling to get anyone through their doors.

And we're just getting started.  I'm giving you...

  • The secrets to creating a simple single paged A4 sized customer magnet.  Get this right and you'll see people walking past your business stopping dead in their tracks and literally forced to come inside.
  • Have you ever wondered how your best prospects can walk past your business without even seeing it?  I'll reveal why people are blind to your business and the amazing way to blast through their consciousness and force them to stop and come inside.  
  • Why you might consider market stalls and trade stalls for promoting your buisness and the 2 biggest keys to making them work. 

    And here's a  deadly mistake I see every day...
Is "May I Help You?" Killing Your Sales?

If you and your staff are greeting your browsers with a line like "may I help you?" you're annoying your prospects and driving them right out the door.

I'll tell you how to speak to prospects so they'll stay in your store, be eager to buy from you and many times more likely to join your email list.

And once you've build a highly targeted email list I'll reveal how to turn that list into a steady long term cash stream.  You'll discover...

  • Why you should focus on educating your prospects if you want to multiply the chances they'll buy from you.
  • The surest way to guarantee most of your subscribers will stay on your email list even while they're being spammed to death by other dishonest,
    unethical scum bags.  Warning: you MUST get this right or your subscribers will think you're a spammer too.
  • How to make an income or bring in a steady steam of new clients by promoting other non-competitive businesses in your area.  You'll discover how to turn your new email list into ongoing week to week income even if you don't have anything to sell your subscribers!

    Finally I'll give you the keys to the online kingdom.  Real secrets from an online copywriter paid huge sums to write email promotions...

How to write emails that drive customers
into your business
ready to buy

I'll reveal...

  • The first thing your subscribers look at before they even open an email (hint: it's NOT the subject line).  Overlooking this vital key will get many of your emails deleted without ever being opened.
  • How to avoid the "trigger words" that will get your emails dumped by internet service providers and anti-spam software.  If you want your emails to bring you real business you must know what these trigger words are.
  • 5 professionally written, high powered emails you can adapt for your own use in your email promotions.

    You'll have the blueprint you need to set up a traffic stopping store display for peanuts.  And the step by step instructions to turn that store display into an ongoing online income.

There is nothing even remotely
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Offline Gold Store Front Report     If you're selling your online marketing services to businesses in your area you could easily charge $500-$1,000+ to set up this system and an ongoing fee of $100 to $500+ a month to run it.

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    The average brick and mortar business can make back the modest price of this report in less than 15 minutes of trading just from the extra business created.

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    In fact I'm so confident you'll make a fantastic return from the system I reveal in this report I'm giving you a...

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    You can create an explosion of new customers from the walk past traffic in any brick and mortar business.  

    And you can turn that traffic into a huge, highly targeted email list that will bring a ongoing cash stream to that business for months and years to come.

    This is an exceptional opportunity
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    Whether you're a business owner yourself or you want to make money helping business owners in your local area.

    Either way you be up and running less than 24 hours after reading this amazing report and you can start cashing real money.

    Why struggle to earn a living when you can create an explosion of income so easliy?

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P.S. See why people are raving about my last report Offline Gold For The Online Marketer...

"$1,500...First Time Out"

I have some fantastic news to report.

I went and talked to some business owners. Make that ONE business owner.

I hit it out of the park first time out.

Even before I had a chance to read your whole report. Even before I'd mined all the gold on its pages...

I went out and got my first $1,500 gig!

Saturday afternoon Los Angeles time just using your information I landed a $1,500 project.  EASY!

This business model LITERALLY saved my ass!  You da man!

Robbie Mescudi
Los Angeles, California

"$2,000 Order...Already Received $1,000..."

Wow I can't believe the timing on this!!

I just this morning got a $2,000 job and already received a $1,000 deposit for doing JUST what your report says.

Folks this is pure gold.  Local businesses REALLY do need your help!

If they know you're local and accessible, that's a big part of their worries over.

Be knowledgable, helpful, professional and like Andrew's report says get out there and get going.

Thanks Andrew.  Great info.  I appreciate it greatly and I just hope many others like me take action, get out there and most importantly...JUST "DO" IT. 

Wishing you all as good a tomorrow as I had today.

Steven Smith,
White Rock BC, Canada

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"$900 Worth Of Fencing For A Simple Website..."

I dropped in on a guy who replaced my side fence here at home about 2 months ago.

He lives close by and I see his billboard on his fence most nights I go jogging.

I had a look at his site then did some research. He isn't even listed in the most obvious of keywords.

I had a chat going over the points from your report and he jumped all over it.

He asked "how much?". I replied "As you are the first client how about you replace the fence on my other side as payment.

It is a done deal. $900 worth of fence for helping him raise his revenue.

You're a champ mate. Thanks for the info.

Craig McPherson
Melbourne Australia

"I Walked Out Of The Store With A Check For $1,500"

This information just made me 3000 dollars and on top of that an ongoing 250 dollars a month.

There is a local pet store here that specializes in pure-breed "pocket" dogs. You know...the cutesy kind that Paris Hilton wannabes stuff in their Gucci bags and walk around in the mall  with.

I think these dogs look like rats and gerbils, but to each their own.

These things sell for $1300 and up.

The other day, after reading this thread, I found the website of said dog store and almost had to throw up at how terrible it is.

It is absolutely doing nothing for this persons business. It is the  type of site that a business has made up just to say that they have a website and aren't stuck in the 17th century.

So today I walked in and chatted up the owners, who also mind the store.

I asked them how business was doing and they indicated it was lukewarm, mostly because we are in the post-holiday season.

I then inquired what marketing they were doing:

They have a yellow pages ad and do some local coupon ads twice a year or so.

I then asked how many people come in the store, look around a little bit, and then claim that they'll come back at a later time when they see a dog they like (their "inventory" of dogs changes weekly).

They said probably 95%. Of these 95% about half take a business card or flyer. Of those half, only about 5% come back and actually end up buying something.

I said not bad but I can improve it, and spent the next hour explaining how...and then signing them up for a 3000 dollar complete site overhaul and 250 monthly fee for hosting and  monthly update.

I snatched the monthly fee by offering this service: they have their customers and potential customers sign up for a monthly e-mail update on what they have in stock.

Customers can also go the website and opt-in, of course.

I come in once a month and film their new inventory (using a Flip Video recorder). I will record about 90 seconds of video footage per mutt (they usually have around 12-15).

Each dog's video clip gets uploaded to youtube. The monthly email gets put together, with a two or three paragraph blurb about the new dogs they have available and the 12-15 videos embedded in the email.

The effect of this is twofold: customers that have already  purchased a dog, will probably check out a video,fall in love with one of the dogs, and rush in to buy it.

Customers who walk in, but don't like any of the dogs they currently have, can get a monthly audio/visual update on the stores inventory from the comfort of their home or workplace.

So instead of losing a potential buying customer, the store can now put its product in the face of prospects once a month with ease.

I estimate that it will be about 2 or 3 hours of actual labor per  month.

If I start getting too busy I know someone who I can pay 50 bucks to do it for me.

So 200 bucks a month for sitting on my ass. Nice.

250 a month is probably cheap. But it's my first client and I'm learning.

By the way I walked out of the store with a check for $1500.
Always get half up front, and wait until it clears before you start.


Matt Jutras
Alpharetta, Georgia, USA

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