Your Offline Gold Army...

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This 84 Page Report Reveals Exactly
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Introduce Them To You

Imagine Being Flooded With
High Quality Prospects All Introduced To You
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Mark Jerram

Internet Marketing To Local Business If you're tired of cold calling, or simply not having enough paying clients to live the lifestyle you KNOW is possible...

    If you want a steady stream of high quality prospects coming to you month in and month out then you need to keep reading...

    Just two weeks from today you can have 25, 50 or 100 business owners and professionals eager to send you high quality prospects. And many of these prospects they will know intimately...

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I Reveal The Hidden Secret To Smashing
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    With just a few tiny changes you can be working with clients who can afford to pay you premium fees literally overnight!

    And best of all with the Offline Gold Army strategy you won't even have to approach those clients yourself. You'll have people they know and trust bringing them to you!

    Imagine having all the clients you can handle being introduced to you month in and month out.

    And imagine if they were all pre-screened to be perfect, high paying clients for you...clients who will treat you as a highly skilled advisor and happily pay you premium fees.

    That's the power of having your own Offline Gold army.

Transform Every Contact
You Have With Business Owners

    Whether it's over the phone, in person, by email or by good old fashioned snail mail you can harness the power of the Offline Gold Army approach to completely change the way business owners see you.

    Do this right and they'll immediately see you as someone who is going to bring them business instead of someone trying to sell them something.

    And they'll willingly read all your marketing materials promoting your services for months and years to come...AND pass them on to business owners they know.

    It sounds crazy but that's how powerful this strategy changes all the rules.

Your Offline Gold Army report is 84 pages packed with the step by step system you need to get started today.

    Just minutes from now you'll discover...

  • The simple secret to identifying businesses who can afford to pay you $10,000 to $20,000 a project (see page 7)...
  • How to find the contact details of a business (in many cases their email and phone number) in just seconds...
  • A simple email you can start sending minutes after reading this report to get the ball rolling...

And there's more.  I also reveal... 
  • A whole range of businesses you've never even considered who can be your best paying clients or directly introduce you to them. I show you business by business type why you may want to consider each of them...
  • 6 different ways to multiply the number of businesses you're being introduced to each month. Get just one of these right and you'll never worry about getting enough paying clients again...
  • On page 78 I reveal the method that will make the people who recommend your services look like generous benefactors.

    This can super power your introductions and turn your Offline Gold Army into a conquering force for you...

Go From Being A Total Stranger
To A Trusted Advisor Before
You Ever Meet Your Prospects

    I know you'd love to have prospects contacting you and every business owner you talk to seeing you as a rainmaker.

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Andrew Cavanagh, CEO

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